Mincing money: the boundary between Agile and project funding

There is a boundary problem where the "Product not Project" structure of standing teams and streams of work meets the Project/business-case structure of programme/portfolio management and financial governance.

At that boundary, management needs to create white space to stop the two models clashing, and to mince up the money, turning big project gobs into steady team streams.
Here's one of my crappy graphics

This boundary moves out ever wider in the organisation, as our changing Agile behaviour pulls change from those around or 'above' us.

We need the support of management at each of those levels to create the buffer zone and provide the conversion from one model to the other, or the old model will grind us to a halt.

You will always have a boundary until society and government embraces agile thinking.
In fact you still will, at some sufficiently high level it is probably still a project.

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