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Big Uncle: ceding privacy for security in our daily lives 2008-04-20 1
Minor crap factoid spotted: "nearly half consider ITIL very critical to achieving their goals" 2008-04-20 1
The Netherlands is an unusual country 2008-04-23 0
Big Uncle: looking for the needle in the security data haystack 2008-04-26 0
Why Crap Factoids get believed 2008-04-26 3
Big Uncle: the total lack of privacy in electronic communications 2008-04-29 2
Big uncle: policies and controls for security systems 2008-05-07 2
Where the IT Skeptic has been 2008-05-07 1
OGC publish a useless Lifecycle Process Model for ITIL V3 2008-05-09 4
An IT Skeptic book review: Foundations of ITSM based on ITIL V3 2008-05-09 6
New subscription system for the IT Skeptic website 2008-05-09 0
OGC rebranding comes apart, so to speak 2008-05-09 2
Which ITIL3 books do you use most? Is there a useful subset? 2008-05-10 2
IT Governance ISO standard in publication for end of May release 2008-05-11 1
ITIL business case: find the money 2008-05-11 2
Another ITIL Examination Institute accredited by APMG 2008-05-12 0
Will ISO9000 absorb or displace ITIL? 2008-05-12 1
APMG got its accreditation back 2008-05-12 0
Business case: if you can't find the money 2008-05-13 1
Three reasons why ISO20000 certification is NOT ITIL V3 certification 2008-05-14 1
ITILearner 2008-05-14 0
Six whining business cases arguments that are not compelling 2008-05-15 1
Free ICT Governance collection of articles for download 2008-05-17 1
The grey area between governance and management 2008-05-17 1
The CMDB Federation proceeeds at its usual glacial pace 2008-05-17 3
While ITIL V2 CMDB was silly, ITIL V3 SKMS is totally absurd 2008-05-18 1
The soundtrack to the IT Skeptic blog 2008-05-18 0
ITIL V3 has a bet each way: proven guidance and bleeding edge thought-leadership, but how to tell? 2008-05-21 0
How do you feel about the new arrangement of links for each node on this blog? ("read more", "next", "add a comment" etc) 2008-05-22 0
ITIL business cases: how to nail it 2008-05-22 3
Who Left ITIL in Charge of Legitimizing IT Practitioners? 2008-05-24 2
Warning don't try ITIL V3's SKMS at work 2008-05-25 2
ITIL business case: does it stack up? 2008-05-26 1
Vendors involved in itSMF: good for ITIL or not? 2008-05-26 0
ITIL and ASL: divorced bodies of knowledge. How ITIL V3 failed to ask the experts. 2008-05-26 2
ITIL V3 Application Management is a skinny little weakling 2008-05-27 1
Controlling Application Development 2008-05-27 2
The people who determine the future of ITIL training, qualifications and certification 2008-05-29 1
Another chance to meet the IT Skeptic 2008-05-30 0
Right now my organisation's involvement with ISO/IEC 20000 is: 2008-05-30 0
What is the big deal about ITIL Manager/Expert certificate? Wait until ITSM is a degree-level course. 2008-06-01 4
Be a good netizen: report those Crap Factoids 2008-06-01 0
The keys to a strong ITIL business case 2008-06-02 1
Quote of the day 2008-06-03 1
Great article about CMDB 2008-06-03 1
Happy Birthday ITIL V3, my how you have ... grown? 2008-06-03 4
Crap Factoid alert: Fifty percent of all CMDB projects fail due to inadequate planning. 2008-06-03 1
A better name for IT is "Business Improvement and Information" 2008-06-07 0
ISO38500 may be too late; the word "governance" is rapidly equalling "management" 2008-06-07 3
Weaknesses of ITIL business cases 2008-06-09 4
The Queen of ITIL 2008-06-09 1
Everyone is off in their own little worlds: ITIL isn't the only parochial one 2008-06-10 1
Crap Factoid Alert: "ITIL is non-proprietary" 2008-06-10 1
im so xcited by the iPhone 2008-06-11 4
Sad news: I've been ripped off by a major vendor 2008-06-12 1
Risk Management - the lost process of ITIL V3 2008-06-13 3
How to win your ITIL business case 2008-06-15 3
ITIL is a useful reference model but not an implementation model 2008-06-15 2
The community must police digital theft on the internet 2008-06-15 1
Am I wrong about CMDB? 2008-06-16 2
My company's (or client's) status on CMDB (as defined by ITIL) is 2008-06-16 1
Sorry about the outages over the last 24 hours 2008-06-19 2
ITIL V3: where's the portal? 2008-06-19 3
"IT has no respect for nor understanding of customers and users" 2008-06-20 0
A suggested improvement to itSMF USA Bylaws 2008-06-20 1
To itSMF members: were you surveyed by ITIL Qualifications Board on your preference for the formal titles of ITIL Qualifications 2008-06-20 1
Results of the IT Skeptic's poll on ISO20000 activity levels 2008-06-21 2
I'm using ITIL V3 Service Transition and Service Operation the most 2008-06-22 4
email is not communication 2008-06-25 1
MyCMDB? What are they smokin' over at Managed Objects? 2008-06-25 2
portfolio lifecycles 2008-06-26 1
Just how does itSMF involve the members? 2008-06-28 1
OGC need to get broadband up at Castle ITIL to understand the 21st Century. 2008-06-29 1
Results of IT Skeptic survey on CMDB penetration 2008-06-29 1
Auto-discovery is only a minor consideration for CMDB 2008-07-01 1
IT has no respect for or understanding of customers and users 2008-07-02 3
Castle ITIL really is so insular and parochial it is laughable 2008-07-04 0
ITIL V3 Intermediate exams - the money engine wins again 2008-07-06 2
Something itSMFUSA seems to do well 2008-07-07 0
Colourful ads 2008-07-09 0
Applications closing very soon for roles with itSMF IT Service Management research journal 2008-07-09 0
OGC Change Log for errors in ITIL, Prince2, M-o-R etc 2008-07-10 0
Who are the mysterious ITIL Qualifications Board? 2008-07-10 2
itSMFUSA declares who it thinks was Julie Linden 2008-07-10 1
Model of Change 2008-07-12 1
itSMF announce that ITSM Library is a Good Thing 2008-07-12 0
Software vendors and the bait-and-switch trick 2008-07-12 0
Internet, I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life 2008-07-14 1
How the ITIL Qualifications Board is made up and how to be on it 2008-07-15 1
The culture of acquisitions 2008-07-17 0
An apology to itSMF 2008-07-17 1
One more for the IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery 2008-07-17 1
One more for the Links page 2008-07-18 0
What a drag spammers are 2008-07-19 1
Two ITSMFs - this could get confusing 2008-07-20 0
Vendor marketeers stretch to reach out for ITIL 2008-07-22 1
ITIL product compliance 2008-07-23 22
Lack of Management Commitment seriously affects project delivery in our organization 2008-07-24 0
Lack of Management Commitment seriously affects project delivery in our organization 2008-07-24 7
Root Cause Analysis can't be done by machines 2008-07-26 3
Defining terms in Root Cause Analysis - let's be clear what we mean 2008-07-27 7
ITIL v3 closer to the real world? No way 2008-07-30 0
Crap Factoid Alert: CMDB savings of more than $1 million per year 2008-07-31 2
The CMDB as a dead elephant, it cannot be done ... NOT 2008-08-03 0
Confusion between CMDB and Configuration Management 2008-08-06 2
New IT Skeptic blog widget on CMDB 2008-08-06 1
ITIL Version 3 certification: eight sources of free ITIL V3 Foundation practice exams, and some ITIL Version 2 sources too! 2008-08-06 95
Feedback on the ITIL V3 manager's bridge exam 2008-08-10 1
Foundation is the ONLY V3 exam that is going to be on Prometric 2008-08-10 1
Introduction to Real ITSM, the new ITSM body of knowledge from the IT Skeptic 2008-08-11 3
New design at the IT Skeptic Shop just for our British readers 2008-08-11 2
It is a helpdesk so it must be ITIL 2008-08-11 2
the world of ITIL V3 certification and training 2008-08-12 9
don't expect technology to alter the way business is run 2008-08-13 2
Runtime Google analytics errors 2008-08-13 0
a back-of-an-envelope re-analysis of Forrester and BMC's own CMDB research 2008-08-14 6
ITIL V3 and eTOM, the rapprochement begins 2008-08-14 2
The IT Skeptic on Dipity 2008-08-15 6
More on the privacy issue from Wharton U 2008-08-15 2
How Software Vendors Lie About ITIL Support 2008-08-15 2
Is ITIL still dead in the water? 2008-08-16 2
SLAs that promise a resolution time are like firemen promising to put a fire out 2008-08-17 10
Google rots your brains 2008-08-18 3
Interfacing Technologies - the miracle fix to the ITIL problem 2008-08-18 1
Advertising to the itSMF keyword 2008-08-18 1
Plaxo as malware 2008-08-19 4
How to refer to the ITIL V3 books online for free 2008-08-19 6
Building complex people systems 2008-08-20 3
The most important IT monitoring tools are those that measure the end user experience 2008-08-21 1
Real ITSM priority starts at zero and goes up 2008-08-22 4
There is more to social collaboration than providing the tools 2008-08-23 1
EMA CMDB research: where's the wave? 2008-08-24 3
IT Legends, a writing competition for IT people - tell us the legends of your IT past 2008-08-25 3
Just a minute 2008-08-25 3
Porter quotes 2008-08-26 1
Building an ITIL CMDB is easy and cheap 2008-08-26 3
CMDB for free 2008-08-27 11
Free IT magazines 2008-08-28 2
The computer that sang to its operators 2008-08-28 2
ITIL V3 lost that down-home authenticity 2008-08-30 1
The winner of the IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery photo competition 2008-08-31 3
The hot internet topic of IT jobs 2008-09-01 6
A new look for the IT Skeptic, and a note on Excessive Technical Fastidiousness or ETF 2008-09-02 4
The ITIL V3 - COBIT V4.1 mapping white paper is available and no wonder noone is saying much 2008-09-02 3
People people people people process process technology 2008-09-03 1
the distinction between organisational change and administrative production change 2008-09-03 3
The OReckon open reckoning engine: a self-assessment tool 2008-09-05 1
Give up on ITIL V3 training and certification - it is not going to change 2008-09-05 6
how not to do Level 1 support 2008-09-06 1
The IT Skeptic's Unofficial List of ITIL Version 3 Processes 2008-09-09 13