Waiting for ITIL3 training may not have been the right decision

Nobody has called me out on the disconnect between my past strident criticism of the training industry for flogging ITIL2 training as ITIL3 loomed, and my advice now to go for ITIL2 training and not rush into ITIL3.

You folk aren't dumb (with one or two obvious exceptions who visit occasionally), so either you aren't paying attention or you are being kind or you get that there isn't really an inconsistency.

In case you don't get it, here's my rationalisation so I can appear in public:

itSMF has the mix right (for now): ITSM=ITIL

Several people commenting privately to the IT Skeptic are worried that ITIL has taken over itSMF. ITSM is ITIL: get over it. Of course, it won't always be thus.

the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter

It's true: the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter. Why is it that the International election results have been announced, when the original intent was to announce them at the itSMF International AGM on October 31st? Obviously ratification by the full Board at the AGM was seen to be unnecessary. Could it be that the result has been hurried out because a challenge to the election has been mounted by a Chapter not too far from the Skeptic?

Really, I do want to get on to something else. Just as soon as itSMF intrigue gets boring....

Results of itSMF International Board election

It's official: Sharon Taylor is Chair. So what next for Ken Wendle? Watch this space...

ITIL3 is on the way to being a fully-fledged fad

ITIL3 is on the way to being a fully-fledged fad as the ITIL industry falls over itself in its haste to get product, especially training product, to market.

Sizzling criticism of the ITIL Version 3 Foundation exam

Some sizzling criticism of the ITIL Version 3 Foundation exam was posted on this blog recently by Ian Clayton, reproduced here:

...how can you test an individual's basic grasp (their understanding - if we are truly using Blooms taxonomy here), of 380+ figures, 130+ tables and 2000 pages with 40 questions? Simple math and a vanilla application of Blooms gives us an interestingly bigger number.

Don't swim against the tide: ten alternatives to itSMF for ITIL practitioners

Learn to live with the fact that itSMF serves the ITSM industry not the practitioner community. Consider whether you also need to be a member of an another organisation committed to representing your interests and developing your profession.

I have personally attended an ITIL Version 3 training course and I feel about the EXAM...

Very satisfied
50% (155 votes)
8% (25 votes)
No opinion
10% (32 votes)
14% (42 votes)
Very dissatisfied
18% (56 votes)
Total votes: 310

the dropping of ITIL Version 2 certification, training, and publications

If the criticism of ITIL version 3 certification that you see on this blog and others concerns you, consider this.

trial ITIL versus a placebo

This article has been podcast
If there is an eccentric company owner out there who would like to contribute to business science by conducting a controlled experiment on your company, please contact me. I would like to trial ITIL versus a placebo.

Instead of using ITIL as the framework or guidance for process improvement in IT production, I would use a placebo body of knowledge. Examples might include:

  • astrology
  • today's process is brought to you by the letter "A"
  • Madonna's lyrics
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