itSMF International launches new website

Recovering from the embarassment of their previous host withdrawing services, the itSMF International has launched their new website after a couple of months of a shaky temporary arrangement.

ITIL Certification: a technique for passing multiple-choice exams

Multiple-choice exams test how well someone can do multiple-choice exams. Depending on how well written the qustions are, they might also test some understanding of the topic ... or not. With good technique you can get a pretty good score with limited knowledge.

ITIL V3 sample exam question: is it just vague or plain wrong?

It is sample exam questions like this that give candidates the cold horrors.

Community, Activity, Environment: put the main effort into changing the people and culture instead of twiddling with tools

Regular readers know the IT Skeptic is a big fan of the People Process Technology model for approaching any IT change/innovation/project. It is a model that seems to be honoured in the breach - people mostly ignore it. Maybe we can tweek it a little to get it to stick?

The new best book for introducing yourself to ITIL V3

The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle is a great book, very useful. It is the book that ITIL Version 3 needed. But now there is another official book produced by OGC that may just be a better place for ITIL Version 3 beginners to start.

The IT Skeptic's ITIL News Feed

Yahoo pipesI'd like to remind folk of The IT Skeptic's ITIL News Feed. This feed is built using Yahoo Pipes. I pick up all sorts of useful items on it (along with some rubbish too, sorry). Try it and let me know how you find it.

ISO20000 gives ITIL the balls it needs to be successful

[Today as a change we have a guest blog post from Don Page. Don is a long-time ITIL person who has contributed much over the years. This post originally appeared as a comment on this blog, but I think it is important enough to move it up to a post.]

Firstly I love reading ITIL Sceptic; the passion, expertise and honesty of individuals, the stupidity and self interest of others.

As one of ITIL's biggest supporters and critics I have reached a stage where I am very frustrated with the whole “ITIL journey”, its hype; its promised outcomes.

Coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website

After the interesting feedback provided to our recent poll, and after due consideration by the IT Skeptic, let us look at what is coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website:

how to treat hosted applications in the ITIL service catalogue

Here's one that a colleague wrestled with recently at a client site: how to treat hosted applications in the service catalogue.

Define ITIL for the IT layman

How do you define what ITIL is, in plain English? The IT Skeptic has a stab at it:

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