Analyst crap factoids as memes: nobody thinks any more

There are a couple of fundamental causes underlying the success of analyst crap factoids as memes [a meme is an idea that propagates through the species like a gene].

The IT Skeptic does not condone IP theft

The IT Skeptic has zero tolerance for copyright violation. It is theft, pure and simple. On the other hand we support fair use. Almost all theft online is clearly not fair use.

When the IT Skeptic was made aware that posted links to free ITIL exams were in fact copyright violators, we acted quickly to take them down. It's scum like that who give we MFAs a bad name.

Recent articles by the IT Skeptic

I thought I'd update you on a few articles I've had published lately that are relevant here: governance, and a guide to ITIL.

Linky love

There has been another change to the way this blog works - a tiny change that is bigger than it looks. It shares the linky love. All registered comment contributors especially should read this. [Update: bug fixed, should work for all users. please report to me if not working]

IT analysts produce crap - what to look for in analyst "research"

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Crap Factoids are pure B.S. that almost sound like a fact, and will be presented so often that everyone will think it true. Let us look closer at a classic Crap Factoid where the results were deliberately skewed, then hyped up by marketing people, and the resulting Crap Factoid thrown to the winds like GM seed. It is time people called analysts to task for this stuff because we all suffer the consequences when decision makers fall for it.

Life imitates art: the IT Skeptic's April Fool comes true on the same day!

Life imitates art, twice. A NetworkWorld article quotes two surveys, both of which link beautifully - the less skeptical would say spookily - with two items published by the IT Skeptic on the same day!

Chokey the Chimp hates crap factoids

The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service brings you this warning of extreme crap factoid danger.

The IT Skeptic's first public appearance: "The most unbalanced team you can currently find…"

After several other opportunities fell through in 2007, the IT Skeptic will finally appear in public for the first time.

ISEB offers online ITIL exams - April Fools?

Perhaps the IT Skeptic is not the only one pulling an April Fools prank. The British Computer Society announced

IT professionals taking the BCS - ISEB ITIL V3 Foundation Exams can now take them online. The new facility enables students to sit their exam and receive their results on the same day.

But look in vain for any link in the announcement to take you to it.

NASA employs ITIL to provide fully automated lights-out IT operations for all future space missions

You would think all the early work by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility to counter-act plans for a fully-automated nuclear response on the grounds, basically, that computers are stupid might have taught technocrats something, but it seems not...

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