25... no, 26 errors you need to know about in the ITIL Version 3 books

There have been a whole list of amendments to the five core ITIL Version 3 books. The IT Skeptic has gone through these for you, cross referenced them to the BOKKED database, and listed here the ones that are worth knowing about.

Crap Factoid Alert: "Two-thirds of companies around the globe are using ITIL"

The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service has detected another Crap Factoid (pure B.S. that will be presented so often that everyone will think it true) emerging.

What Governance Isn't

Governance is hot. "Governance" is the "in" word right now in IT. It is also a word that is suffering badly from terminological debasement, something the IT Skeptic has railed against on this blog before. Look for more on this in the near future.

Application Management

Application Management process is fully described under the organization but it is not mentioned as a process.

Nobody refers to Evaluation process in any other process.

Nobody refers to Evaluation process [ST 4.6 p 138] in any other process.

Release management also defines release policy

Transition planning defines release policy [ST p 36], which makes sense. Release management [ST 4.4 p84] also defines release policy which makes less sense.

ITSCM not in the strategy book

ITSCM has a strategy dimension but it is not discussed in the strategy book

the new name for Configuration Management, SACM

the new name for Configuration Management, SACM appears only in the process itself. Not even the authors of other chapters in the same book are aware of the name change.

Change to the way this blog works: BOKKEs displayed

I've modified the website so that I will promote some of the new BOKKEs (Body of Knowledge Known Errors) so they show up on the blog as well as in BOKKED. I won't do this for pedantic stuff but I will do it if they seem worthy of debate, such as the first one so treated: definition of incident. Check it out and have your say.

P.S. I don't know if you will get subscription notification of these, sorry.

definition of incident

SO book describes incident in a strange manner. The definition is incorrect and contains a short description of the process as well. The process description contain also events. It looks like the author did not know or understand what the V2 definition of incident is and forgot to edit the definition.

The box on page 46 states:

In ITIL terminology, an ‘incident’ is defined as:
An unplanned interruption to an IT service or
reduction in the quality of an IT service. Failure of a
configuration item that has not yet impacted service

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