Release management also defines release policy

Transition planning defines release policy [ST p 36], which makes sense. Release management [ST 4.4 p84] also defines release policy which makes less sense.

ITSCM not in the strategy book

ITSCM has a strategy dimension but it is not discussed in the strategy book

the new name for Configuration Management, SACM

the new name for Configuration Management, SACM appears only in the process itself. Not even the authors of other chapters in the same book are aware of the name change.

Change to the way this blog works: BOKKEs displayed

I've modified the website so that I will promote some of the new BOKKEs (Body of Knowledge Known Errors) so they show up on the blog as well as in BOKKED. I won't do this for pedantic stuff but I will do it if they seem worthy of debate, such as the first one so treated: definition of incident. Check it out and have your say.

P.S. I don't know if you will get subscription notification of these, sorry.

definition of incident

SO book describes incident in a strange manner. The definition is incorrect and contains a short description of the process as well. The process description contain also events. It looks like the author did not know or understand what the V2 definition of incident is and forgot to edit the definition.

The box on page 46 states:

In ITIL terminology, an ‘incident’ is defined as:
An unplanned interruption to an IT service or
reduction in the quality of an IT service. Failure of a
configuration item that has not yet impacted service

Here are two corrections to diagrams in the ITIL Version 3 core books

Many thanks to Liz Gallacher for passing on the following information to us about corrections to the ITIL V3 core books Service Strategy and Service Design. These are now recorded in the BOKKED database of known errors. Has anyone seen any other notification of these corrections? Certainly TSO publishes the errata for Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam but does not publish these corrections.

Has there been a second edition of ITIL V3 or not?

A recent comment on the IT Skeptic website suggested there had, but nothing official shows up. There is some evidence of it though.

ITIL is copyright: use of quotations and extracts

Since I had it wrong in my own mind, I thought I'd clarify the terms of use of ITIL as a copyrighted work.

ITIL exams dropped from Prometric: consider ISO20000 certification as an alternative?

The March edition of the IT Skeptic's newsletter, the Skeptical Informer, went out and it included the statement:

The certification industry still seems to have an attitude of "F*** the quality of teaching! Maximise profits!"

A little strong? That was before I knew that ITIL exams have been withdrawn from Prometric (a respected online provider of certifications). You should have heard me then! [Updated: now available again]

itSMF International launches new website

Recovering from the embarassment of their previous host withdrawing services, the itSMF International has launched their new website after a couple of months of a shaky temporary arrangement.

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