Minor crap factoid spotted: "nearly half consider ITIL very critical to achieving their goals"

The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service lists the following Crap Factoid as mild, so Chokey the Chimp is staying at "high" risk, but watch out you don't step in this one. Relatively harmless but still smells bad on your shoe.

Big Uncle: ceding privacy for security in our daily lives

We have been discussing Big Uncle, the benevolent aspects of the loss of privacy to security systems. Today we will look at how most of us willingly surrender privacy every day and will do so increasingly online (except for the most paraniod among us: you know who you are and so do we).

Big Brother vs. Big Uncle; the opposing sides of the loss of privacy to security systems

The changing world creates pressures to employ technology advances for our protection. As these advances compromise our privacy, they also drive social change in our attitudes to privacy. Business and government are working to set standards and policies to ensure these security advances deliver us benevolent security: Big Uncle, not Big Brother.

Either is possible with the technology: benevolent security is dependent on the legal, social and business policies that govern the technology.

Gullibility: the extraordinary spread of crap factoids on the internet

Readers may think I'm exaggerating about the spread of crap factoids. Back at the end of 2006 we spotted the crap factoid "ITIL reduces costs by up to 48%". This one was particularly pernicious because it had the Gartner name behind it, which gives it a CF multiplier of 2. Where is it now? Let's see.

They can't be freekin' serious: twenty kilo-bucks for a set of ITIL process maps

In the fine tradition of Prada and Rolex, comes an ITIL IP provider who understands that the more you charge the more a minority of buyers will line up to pay for "the best". As a good capitalist I guess I should cheer them on but I'm afraid I just choke at the sight of a twenty thousand dollar pricetag for a set of ITIL process maps. No services, just a download. Well I never.
BTW, they actually provide quite a bit of nice free info on the site. I guess they can afford to.

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Big Uncle: what is “normal” privacy?

We have been discussing Big Uncle, the benevolent aspects of the loss of privacy to security systems. Today we will look closer at the concept of privacy.

Big Uncle: benevolent security. The positive side of the loss of privacy

Big Uncle is the concept of “benevolent security”. We discussed previously how privacy is a dated concept, disappearing fast. People get all tied in a knot over this, but the consequences are only as bad as we let them be. Like any technology, there will be evil applications and there will be good ones.

Analyst crap factoids as memes: nobody thinks any more

There are a couple of fundamental causes underlying the success of analyst crap factoids as memes [a meme is an idea that propagates through the species like a gene].

The IT Skeptic does not condone IP theft

The IT Skeptic has zero tolerance for copyright violation. It is theft, pure and simple. On the other hand we support fair use. Almost all theft online is clearly not fair use.

When the IT Skeptic was made aware that posted links to free ITIL exams were in fact copyright violators, we acted quickly to take them down. It's scum like that who give we MFAs a bad name.

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