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What does it mean to "implement" or "do" ITIL?

How can we speak of implementing ITIL or measuring the results of ITIL if ITIL ought to be an ongoing (unending?) process of continual service improvement?

Which is the best way to buy ITIL version 3: as books, PDFs or online subscription? The IT Skeptic makes a choice.

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There are three ways to buy ITIL Version 3: books, PDFs or online subscription. Which is best?

How to use this website

How to get best use and maximum value from this site.

Three months later, APMG accreditation still suspended

The IT Skeptic broke the news that APMG had been suspended by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Three months later, APMG accreditation still suspended. This is obviously not a brief tiff to be resolved overnight.

HelpDesk Institute sold to United Business Media: what does this mean for ITSM and ITIL?

So Ron Muns has cashed in his HelpDesk Institute, also known as ThinkHDI, also known as Think Service Inc, for a cool $30 million, give or take small change. What does this mean for the Service Management community?

ITIL Version 3

On these pages you will find a summary of what the IT Skeptic knows about ITIL Version 3, kept up to date as facts unfold.
Note: the IT Skeptic isn't trying to sell you anything except my own books and the ads on these pages. Advice on anything else is impartial and not aligned with any vendor or organisation.

itSMFI new website and new Board portfolios

DrupalFurther to the news that itSMF International had the plug pulled on its website (covered in the last edition of the Skeptical Informer) and is scrambling to implement a new one, the pilot site is coming along.

ITIL vs. COBIT, ISO20000 et al, and itSMF's role in promoting them.

itSMF exists as a marketing arm of the ITSM industry, by definition. An open market is a wonderfully self-levelling system: money flows where the potential money is. So itSMF forms a very good indicator of where the interest or 'action' is in ITSM at the time. Right now it is ITIL. But what about the future?

Perhaps one day Service Management will become a universal discipline: ITIL 4?

Who left the IT in itSMF? Service Management can be about so much more than IT. What a shame we have kept our focus narrow. Perhaps one day Service Management will become a universal discipline.

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