Is ITIL Version 3 "Strategy Generation" a mystery process?

Perhaps readers can help out one of your fellows who is stuck on the ITIL Version 3 process "Strategy Generation".

Five reasons ITIL Version 3 is not "Best Practice"

Over a year ago, the IT Skeptic argued that ITIL is not best practice. Now Version 3 is upon us, has anything changed?

Great myths of ITIL #1: "You can't manage what you can't measure".

"You can't manage what you can't measure". Who on earth came up with that one? One of my big concerns about the application of ITIL is it's emphasis on KPIs. Useful but dangerous.

itSMF publish their list of ITIL Version 3 processes

We had some interesting discussion of how many processes there actually are in version 3. OGC are coy about this in the books. Now itSMF has published a free downloadble booklet, and it has a list of ITIL Version3 processes. And what is the itSMF's count of processes?

The role vendors play in the ITIL community

I agree with a recent comment about vendors being an essential part of the ITIL community. I have defended their presence and influence before. But we lack the governance to ensure that presence is a healthy one.

Voting for itSMF UK AGM

It is not too late to vote at the itSMF UK AGM. The announcement is here and the form is here.

Presumably, following the American model, members are free to vote multiple times [that's a joke, people]. But in the UK the forms are paper based and manually processed. The election is uncontested which makes voting less interesting.

Malcolm Fry swaps sides

Malcolm Fry, who has been BMC's ITIL "thought leader" since they acquired Remedy, is billed at the 2008 HDI conference as "Executive Consultant to CA". Seems he's been over to the dark side for a little while. Well well well. I wonder what Beemer think about that.

Good advice for those on the receiving end of the IT Skeptic's comments

A recent edition of that fine publication, ComputerWorld New Zealand, offers good advice, from Steve Hodgkinson of Ovum, for those on the receiving end of negative comments in the blogosphere:

respond to the critical comments directly and positively — acknowledging them as valid feedback — and providing either a factual and constructive rebuttal or indicating what the company is doing about addressing the issues raised.

The ITIL world descends into farce

The IT Swami predicts the next itSMF AGM will involve Board members coming and going through doors on both sides of the stage, occasionally in disguise and at least one in drag.

It is a little speculative, but I suspect what they are up to is to keep the governance farce going long enough that people like me will give up writing about it. It is a good strategy - I'm just about over it.

There can be few other explanations for the following chronicle from the latest Skeptical Informer newsletter:

The itSMF voting saga: who is Julie Linden?

The Charlotte conference of itSMF USA this year was something of a non-event for me after Julie Linden's threats of a crowd of people revealing all regarding an election rort involving "100 votes" came to nothing.

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