Chokey the Chimp hates crap factoids

The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service brings you this warning of extreme crap factoid danger.

The IT Skeptic's first public appearance: "The most unbalanced team you can currently find…"

After several other opportunities fell through in 2007, the IT Skeptic will finally appear in public for the first time.

ISEB offers online ITIL exams - April Fools?

Perhaps the IT Skeptic is not the only one pulling an April Fools prank. The British Computer Society announced

IT professionals taking the BCS - ISEB ITIL V3 Foundation Exams can now take them online. The new facility enables students to sit their exam and receive their results on the same day.

But look in vain for any link in the announcement to take you to it.

NASA employs ITIL to provide fully automated lights-out IT operations for all future space missions

You would think all the early work by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility to counter-act plans for a fully-automated nuclear response on the grounds, basically, that computers are stupid might have taught technocrats something, but it seems not...

ITIL V3 Key Element Guides now available

In the unlikely event that a reader is not on TSO's mailing list, you should know that ITIL V3 Key Element Guides are now available after itSMF IPESC review.

These are the pocket versions of the five core books. Thirty eight quid for the set of five. The V2 books produced by itSMF were good - let's see about these ones. Any reviewers want to give us a sneak preview?

Prometric lists ITIL V3 Foundation exams again ... for ISEB this time!

ISEB is now offering ITIL V3 Foundations on Prometric but EXIN isn't (yet).

The IT Skeptic got most of this second hand so please contact me with corrections, but it seems to me the story went like this:

  • EXIN lists V3 Foundations exam on Prometric
  • EXIN gets told to take the exam down "until all Examination Institutes have received a copy of the database of questions"
  • ISEB beats EXIN to get the exam back up on Prometric

DNS problem fixed on

I found a DNS error for this site today. So if you have been experiencing problems accessing, I hope they will be a thing of the past.

I'd like to say a special thankyou to Deaf-Llama for reporting the problem with excellent trace information so I could nail it quickly and easily.

I wonder how long it has been that way? Please drop me a note if you had similar DNS problems accessing this site and when.

The future of IT is Governance, Service and Assurance: The Seventh Vision revised

Several readers of The IT Skeptic have asked where is the IT Swami and in particular where were his New Year's predictions for 2008? Now we can reveal all.

25... no, 26 errors you need to know about in the ITIL Version 3 books

There have been a whole list of amendments to the five core ITIL Version 3 books. The IT Skeptic has gone through these for you, cross referenced them to the BOKKED database, and listed here the ones that are worth knowing about.

Crap Factoid Alert: "Two-thirds of companies around the globe are using ITIL"

The IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Early Warning Service has detected another Crap Factoid (pure B.S. that will be presented so often that everyone will think it true) emerging.

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