What is a service desk?

I see endless statements about the "death of the service desk". FFS MAKE IT STOP. The people who make these statements exhibit a pathetic understanding of service management.

People work for money

Seen on Twitter: "The greatest reward for a person's labor is not what they obtain from it but rather what they become by it."

Axelos and itSMF sign an ITIL agreement to nothing much

Axelos and itSMF have signed a Memorandum of Understanding over ITIL. It took a while and it doesn't seem to say much (though who would know for sure as we don't actually get to see it). I guess this is a reflection of the strategic importance of itSMF to the business of ITIL, i.e. not much.

Axelos release roadmaps for ITIL and PPM PRINCE2

Axelos today released their roadmaps for the development of their ITIL and PPM products.

Runaway emotion

Business is not about emotion. That is not to say it has no place for it. Business is about humans interacting to a common and productive purpose, so clearly emotion has a place. But it shouldn't rule us. We make a space for intuition, instinct and passion, but we structure and guide business with rational thinking.

Thoughts on SMcongress and the future of ITSM

The Service Management Inaugural Congress (SMCongress) is the output of the "RevNet" event at the 2013 Fusion ITSM conference in the USA. As a few of you know, twenty-something ITSM thinkers got together in a room to see what would happen. This happened. It has been followed by some unlovely debate and a number of articles.

I had hoped SMcongress would pass me by, but it seems not. A number of you really want to know what I think about SMcongress, (especially those who would like me to say the things you can't), so here you go.

In summary, SMcongress is full of emotion and short on ideas, it lacks clarity or focus, it is addressing the wrong problem in the wrong way, and like all these collaborative "community" movements in business it is unlikely to come to anything. If it can be built upon to create focus, to get back to useful outcomes, and to address the real issues, then its passion, inclusiveness, and energy might be harnessed to some good. I offer here three concrete solutions to the issues of IT and ITSM that I think SMcongress should be focusing on.

Who cares who owns ITIL and PRINCE2

It is amazing how few of the practitioner community (at least way out here in NZ) even know that ITIL and PRINCE2 have been sold. And even fewer care.

Any time you have a group pf IT people, ask for a show of hands who knows the ownership of ITIL has changed. Ask who has heard of Axelos. Even within an itSMF group you might be surprised at the result.

#SMFlashbook My top tip for building a service catalogue

This post is part of a worldwide flashbook or flashblog, where many contributors simultaneously publish on the topic of "My top tip for building a service catalogue".

Here is my contribution to it:

Know the difference between service catalogue and request catalogue
(Join me for a twitterchat and webinar on service catalogues)

What is the difference between ITIL and PMP?

What is the different between ITIL and PMP, and what is the best for who is working as network administrator?


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