who is BoothMagnet?

England's Law: all social media channels degenerate into babble. #PINK14 twitter stream is following the rule. BoothMagnet is brilliant satire of the vendor marketing social media mavens. Sadly it is achieving that satire by trashing the twitter stream even more than the vendors are (marginally).

The future whispered to me at PINK14

Amongst all the cool stuff at PINK14, there was one brief event the significance of which may have passed most people by. The future of ITSM whispered to me.

ISACA can rescue itSMF

itSMF International is broken. At a chapter level itSMF is just fine in a number of countries. What we need is an international federation mechanism driven by a healthy organisation. Ooh wait, ISACA has one of those. And ISACA's problem is a failure to cater for general IT practitioners at a conference and local level. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven to me: could ISACA save itSMF?

Hello to PINK14 and TFT14 attendees

Hi there. I'm guessing - and of course hoping - that a few of you reading this are new to the IT Skeptic blog, led here by my presenting at TFT14 online virtual conference or PINK14 real conference. If so, welcome, haere mai! (I'm a Kiwi)

Fix change not ITIL

Fix the way we change ITSM behaviours, not the models of that behaviour. ITIL is near enough.

Measuring problem management

How best to measure your Problem Management practice?

On entitlement and bodies of knowledge

We've had two recent attempts to seed change in ITSM: SMCongess and SMArch [aka ArchSM or Taking Service Forward or TSF or Adaptive Service Model or ASM....] The response has not all been edifying.

Real IT is at three levels: governance, management and execution

There are three levels to IT: governance, management and execution. Only the execution layer can be decentralised or outsourced.

What's so creepy

I wish I had a deep psychological understanding of people's fear of internet openness. It is so often seen as creepy and privacy-violating. I see this reaction as paranoia and superstition. I don't get it. We're gonna have to come to terms with it. Normally I'm the Luddite but I'm not part of the openness backlash.

An ITIL process is not a unit of work

I want to call out a key issue I see over and over again in organisations' planning of their ITSM improvement (known as Continual Service Improvement or CSI - nothing to do with police forensics). An ITIL process is not a unit of work.

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