no such thing as ITIL consultants

Nailed it.The Practitioner’s Dilemma: How to Adapt ITIL

"The magic happens when practitioners become expert at adapting best practices to solve their organization’s challenges."

Well yes. That's been true of consulting forever. ITIL only ran off the rails when supposed experts lost sight of that 

Making fun of Customer First

It's too easy...

heretical views on ITIL Configuration Management

Recently Stephen Mann had the temerity to suggest Dear #ITIL, Please Kill Off The Configuration Management "Process", a variant on the heresy I've been proposing since 2007. Stephen said:

ITIL is the dominant language of ITSM

ITIL is the dominant language of ITSM. It may not stay that way but that's how it is for now.

A client asked me the other day what language she should use to frame discussions as she settles into her role running IT operations in a new organisation. I said it has to be ITIL.

Don't try to change culture

Should you try to change culture?

The IT Skeptic online of late

The IT Skeptic may be resting, but I'm still popping up online in webinars (and one white paper) lately:

The end of the Service Catalogue

Real IT - the reality of IT

The IT Skeptic's happy birthday

The IT Skeptic is still on sabbatical.

Today he is celebrating the 8th birthday of the IT Skeptic blog. First post was 16th May 2006.

The IT Skeptic is hanging out with his good friends Mush and Room, the creations of the ultra-talented Rui Soares. They also appear on Rui's excellent blog ITIL Blues.

Normal program will be resumed as soon as possible

The IT Skeptic is taking a rest.

what is an ITSM Major Incident? ITIL doesnt say.

This post is a little easter egg for you from the IT Skeptic. I hope it is useful!
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One of the enigmatic parts of ITIL is Major Incidents. Here are my tips for better Major Incident Management.

Social and mobile service support

Do social media and mobile devices improve support? To hear the vendors and pundits you'd certainly think so. It may not surprise you to learn I'm more skeptical.

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