news of IT's death is greatly exaggerated

© Can Stock Photo IncI'm not picking on Forrester, really I'm not, but they keep coming out with these Chicken ITle articles declaring the demise of something or other. Last time it was the service desk, [UPDATE: WRONG. Wrong. Wrong. Sorry no it wasn't Forrester last time, it was Gartner announcing the end of service desk. My apologies to Forrester]. now it is the whole danged IT department which apparently will be gone within seven years. Just like the previous article it is bollocks, and for the same reason: the article doesn't actually say what the sensationalist headline does.

Standard plus Case: the new way to think about service response

These are exciting times for the IT Skeptic: my new approach to service response - for most readers of this blog that means Service Desk - is getting a lot of attention and positive feedback. That's because it is simple, common sense, and low cost and low impact to adopt. If you do any sort of responding to situations - incidents, requests, problems, changes, events... - then Standard+Case will help you improve.

Slow business

Some links to discussion on "Slow Business" as a background to my work on "Slow IT"

Two new heads

No that isn't a reference to a hillbilly's baby. We've seen two announcements this past week of people heading up organisations owning major bodies of knowledge: the Capita ITIL-PRINCE2 JV, and ISACA. Somewhat of a contrast.

Millennials: our ITSM future

This is too good not to share:

ISACA's long cultural road

Will ISACA ever shed the audit-and-security culture and embrace a more general IT practitioner orientation as promised by Lynn Lawton four years ago now?

Can COBIT ever be more than a sideshow if they don't? No.

Let's not underestimate the resilience of people and societies

© Can Stock Photo Chicken ITle and I have had it up to here with those who see people and society as a passive bus-load of zombies trundling towards whatever dreadful fate they are frothing up today, whether it be global warming, or robots doing us out of a job. We aren't helpless and we aren't mindless. We adjust, we respond, we correct, we react - as individuals and as communities and societies. The only thing mindless is the use of extrapolation to predict the future. We should do better than that.

The applicability of factory-floor techniques to IT

In my review of The Phoenix Project I questioned the applicability of factory-floor techniques to IT. There is potential to be exploited there - hence I recommended everyone read the book - but we can go too far with the application of Lean, TQM, Six Sigma etc to IT. Manufacturing techniques are only partly applicable.

The future of ITIL and PRINCE2

The Capita/UK Govt JV is having a planning session on 23rd May. This is your opportunity to suggest agenda items. Don't mess about with paragraph numbering or translating into Bulgarian. Here's what I suggested.

How do we feel about ITIL being a commercial product?

ITIL has been sold (and Prince2 - the following discussion applies just as much to all of the "Swirl" products sold). It is a commercial product. No more half-way house with OGC outsourcing publishing and accreditation: they've gone the whole hog and flogged the Swirl suite off for the corporate shilling. (First example of this in the UK Government apparently and supposedly a model for more.) How do we feel about this new situation?

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