Book(s) review: the Key Element Guides

The ITIL V3 Key Element Guides have been out for some time now. Seems I never finished and published a review I started writing long ago, sorry about that. Better late than never, here it is now.

In keeping with the books themselves, this is a short sharp review:

The books are a good "bluffer's guide": you can quickly get the key terminology and concepts to create the illusion that you have actually studied the core books (vendor presales people will find this especially valuable).

Their obvious use is as an aide memoire. So useful that I have given mine away to clients. In the real world either (a) the number of times you need to refer to pure theory when away from your core books approaches zero or (b) you're an ITIL zealot and need to seek professional deprogramming help asap.

I suppose they might occasionally be a good memory-jogger for one as absent-minded as me, so long as the bit you want is in there. Either you carry all five books or you'll be assured of not having the one you want when you need it. I'd like to see a similar book which has ALL the content of all the books condensed down. it doesn't matter if it is rendered meaningless - the assumption is you have read the larger book and just want to be reminded of the Six Ws or the Nine Step Process or the 14 Essential Actions for a Release. Such a book would also be extremely useful if attached to the inside of a jacket when sitting the exam. Five books are going to show.

So overall these KEGs are like all those other "handy" pocket guides the world is littered with (especially on bookshop checkout counters). They look dinky and cute but the only practical application is for giving them to someone else who will say "ooh those look useful!"


one use

I think you hit the nail on the head with your sarcy jacket comment - they're useful for exam revision but I probably wouldn't look at them again.

ITIL V3 Pocket Guide...?

Skep - well I have one that condenses everything into a handy pocket guide - blatant advertising I suppose but only in response to your blog... it was originally developed as a aid to the Foundation class and is still handed out should I be unfortunate to be asked to deliver one.... bit 'pricey' I suppose at $20 but I can be persuaded to offer discounts...

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