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There is a new blog widget available for those who would like it for their own website... and it uses an illustration from the new IT Skeptic book.

Confusion between CMDB and Configuration Management

As it becomes clearer that CMDB is a flawed concept, I'm seeing occurences of folk talking about CMDB as a process rather than a thing. It isn't. CMDB is the (nutty) thing. Configuration Management is the perfectly sensible process associated with it - and often forgotten.

The CMDB as a dead elephant, it cannot be done ... NOT

[The following post appeared as a comment on this blog on the original "dead elephant" article, but I like it so much I've moved it up to a posting: "work with your supplier like your business did 20 years ago when they were starting with ERP in getting the functionality you need into your CMDB of choice. In short, step out of that damned box, stop moaning like silly end users and get the job done!"]

Crap Factoid Alert: CMDB savings of more than $1 million per year

This post has been podcast.
This is a CATEGORY 1 Crap Factoid alert from Chokey the Chimp at the IT Skeptic's Crap Factoid Warning Service. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Be on EXTREME danger alert for CF "CMDB savings of more than $1 million per year". BMC and Forrester are shovelling it. [Update: the IT Skeptic's own assessment of the numbers here.]

Software vendors and the bait-and-switch trick

Software vendors love the old bait-and-switch. Readers are invited to contribute examples.

Auto-discovery is only a minor consideration for CMDB

The vendors like to tout auto-discovery as a feature that solves the problem of discovery - how to populate a Configuration database and keep it populated. It isn't. [Oh alright, I'll call it a CMDB so long as we all understand I don't mean the ITIL-defined dream model].

Results of IT Skeptic survey on CMDB penetration

We had a survey of implementation of CMDB in organisations. As we always say the results are invalid in that the sample is self-selecting (a) because they are IT Skeptic readers and (b) because they voted. But it serves the same purpose as those questionaires in air-head magazines: idle titillation.

So for the amusement of you lot, here are the results:

MyCMDB? What are they smokin' over at Managed Objects?

[Update 2018: I heaped scorn on MyCMDB, but it was clearly a visionary implementation of ChatOps. Sorry Managed Objects.]
CMDB vendor proponents are often full of wind but this one is blowing a gale. What are they smokin' over at Managed Objects?

Am I wrong about CMDB?

It may surprise you that someone as pig-headed as the IT Skeptic ever has doubts, but I do wonder if I am right about the impracticality of building a CMDB (let alone a SKMS). AFAIR, only one reader has said "this can be done and I've done it" and he works for mega-corporations. What about other readers? Drop me a note if you have a CMDB.

Crap Factoid alert: Fifty percent of all CMDB projects fail due to inadequate planning.

Chokey the Chimp was happy we weren't seeing any CFs in May, but I knew something would come along, and I might have guessed EMA would oblige. I might also have guessed it would be CMDB-related.

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