"Good IT Service Management is simply not possible without” a CMDB? Balls!

I just read Larry Cooper’s article in the latest DITY newsletter: A CMDB Runs Through IT. Larry’s assertion is that “Good IT Service Management is simply not possible without” a CMDB. My reaction: balls!

The CMDB Federation lumbers on

For those of you who have been losing sleep over it, latests news on the CMDB Federation has it inching towards a standard for CMDB federation. [Go on, click the Federation link: kinda says it all really]. According to one HP developer's blog, the group has moved beyond UML to XML and are now coding in preparation for an "interop" when they will test their tools together. They should sell tickets. I for one would pay to see BMC, CA, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Microsoft all discussing who is out of synch if it doesn't work.

The CMDB Tidal Wave? More of a ripple.

Dodgy stats and talk-up-the-market hype mar two otherwise interesting articles on CMDB.

Watch out Microsoft, your spurious patents may be worthless

Microsoft has made a practice of attempting to patent the obvious, not least of which is CMDB, but a recent court ruling gives hope that those they do obtain can be invalidated.

Quote of the day

Configuration Management ... the ditch in which 'the ITIL automobile' comes to a stop.
David Nyman, on his wildly-named David's Blog

Don't fall for the CMDB demo - The IT Skeptic

6:23 minutes (2.57 MB)

A podcast of the original article Don't fall for the demo: an asset database with bells and whistles is not a CMDB

Are Microsoft patenting CMDB? - The IT Skeptic

7:06 minutes (2.85 MB)

A recent patent application appears to indicate that Microsoft is applying to patent CMDB. This issue is not attracting the outrage that it ought to.

Rediscovering the Big Iron

Virtualisation, CMDB, autodiscovery, swappable CPUs, intelligent media devices, systems and availability management, capacity modelling... The mainframe worked all this out decades ago. Here's a story I heard from fairly close to the source so it is probably fairly close to the truth. Whatever, it makes a good story

Irrational exuberance in the IT industry: CMDB is going nuts

Everybody is piling into the CMDB frenzy now, including dodgy journos and madly re-inventing software companies... and this blog. ITIL may not be a fad but the IT Skeptic thinks CMDB now is one.

Somebody help me: what is the point of standalone CMDB tools?

Can somebody please explain how a stand-alone CMDB supports Incident and Problem and Change management if it is not integral to the Service Desk. How do incidents and changes get linked to a CI?

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