COBIT 5 copyright terms confirmed. And the name may be used.

Not long ago, I blogged about how COBIT 5 looked like it would be a much more accessible framework for consultants to use, without the restraints of ITIL. It is true. Castle ITIL should take note, but will they?

COBIT 5 terms of use are posted online. They are more complex than the copyright statement in the draft documents (as quoted in my earlier post) but are functionally equivalent:

Providing Audit, Advisory and Consulting Services to External Clients
Use of COBIT is permitted for making presentations and proposals, and to develop software tools and other materials for the purpose of developing and delivering audit, advisory and consulting services.
Copies of COBIT and any of the tools, materials or output from the tools that contain more than 20% of COBIT content cannot be provided or sold to clients or prospective clients without permission or licensure from ISACA.
Each individual related to the development and delivery of COBIT-based services and products to the client is required to purchase his/her own copy of COBIT...

And get this:

You may use the word “COBIT” in marketing and promotion material, either in print or online, to truthfully describe products and services. The “COBIT” trademark may not be used in any product name, domain name, individual or enterprise certification/ certificate or to suggest sponsorship or affiliation with ISACA, without ISACA’s prior written permission which may be obtained from ISACA’s Director of Intellectual Property. The COBIT logo may not be used in marketing or promotional material, without prior written permission from ISACA.

Suck on that, Castle ITIL.

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