The future of DevOps

@theitskeptic: You #DevOps guys wait. 5 years max and you are for it: the same hype backlash #ITIL and #ITSM suffered

@theitskeptic: @inayulo @StuartRance @kaimarkaru Prediction: as #DevOps spreads from its passionate core, it will degenerate into automation tech.

@theitskeptic: @kaimarkaru yeah #DevOps works in the right conditions: small teams, handpicked people, greenfield infrastructure, standalone systems.
@theitskeptic: @kaimarkaru all those 4 conditions apply to Netflix. yes handpicked: it is an aspirational employer.
@theitskeptic: @kaimarkaru I'm looking forward to solid evidence that Devops can flourish outside those conditions. That's what Kamu was about

(extracts from a Twitter conversation, for those who dont recognise it)

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