ITIL is the dominant language of ITSM

ITIL is the dominant language of ITSM. It may not stay that way but that's how it is for now.

A client asked me the other day what language she should use to frame discussions as she settles into her role running IT operations in a new organisation. I said it has to be ITIL.

Dave van Herpen (@daveherpen) said on twitter "ITIL is not a common language, at most a regional dialect". We discussed it further but I forget where, sorry. I said...

I love the characterisation of ITIL as a regional dialect. It's how they speak ITSM in trad IT land.

But that's like saying American English is a regional dialect. Language snobs like me have been trying to hang on to the Queen's but the reality is Kim Kardashian has more influence on language than Stephen Fry.

Likewise ITIL speaks to what I call Real IT, the biggest IT nation on earth. There are smaller nations where a different language is used, like Greenfield Startup and Megabillion Retailer, and Rackemhigh Techcloud, sure.

And just like the US won't dominate language for many decades more, Real IT will fade away as we outsource to complex value streams. But empires don't fall overnight, not even in IT.

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