New Ways of Working: Agile, Devops; do you get it?

Nothing is new and everything is new.
There is a change sweeping through our industry the like of which we have never seen before. Do you get it?

If you're treating your colleagues and clients as empowered adults who know more than you do about how to do the work
If you treat IT as complex systems full of people, systems which need to be designed built and managed holistically
If you don't try to change the system, only create the conditions and inputs for it to change itself
If you understand that design-then-build is a fallacy, that the end state is unknown
If you never have an end state, if you have standing teams, if everything is a journey of improvement
If you increase velocity and quality and granularity of work in order to decrease risk, tech debt, and cultural debt
If you be agile in how you CHANGE the way you work...

If you do these things, then good on you, you get it.

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