Obtaining compliance for policies, processes and procedures

One of the great frustrations of improvement is getting people to do stuff.
From an email I wrote today responding to this question, here are some ways to get compliance - in increasing order of maturity. Tell me what you think of this model. What did I miss? What is already out there?

[Updated 20th March to add #2: positive carrot to go with the #1 stick. You can swap the order of #1 and #2 or preferably do them simultaneously but pretending you don't need #1 is silly. The fact that we mature to the higher level forms of motivation I list here doesn't obviate the need for discipline in any organisation. Some people are naughty. This idealistic New Age B.S. that tries to deny that and relies on hugs alone to keep people in line is naive nonsense. there must be consequences. Any organisation that lacks teeth will be screwed by employees. That's why it is #1]

1) is to make sure there are consequences for non-compliance
2) is to celebrate, acknowledge, and reward compliance
3) is to make people accountable, measure the results, and publish them. And preferably pay according to those results.
4) is to educate them on why it needs to be done, show the value, get assent. Follow Fair Process.
5) is to build a team, get group agreement for the need for compliance, make them accountable to their peers.
6) is to create a culture of quality and value where everybody WANTS compliance for professional and ethical reasons.

Dan Kane extends these ideas with some practical techniques.

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