How can I validate a claimed ITIL certification?

Dear Wizard?

I have a CV on my desk from a foreign chappie who claims certifications all the way up to ITIL Expert, from [a training organisation]. I've never heard of them and they are based in [a country ten thousand miles from here]. He also seems to be under the impression that a Service Desk is a piece of furniture. How do I validate his claims?

Many thanks for your help

Dear PJ

The process is simple. You ask for copies of the certificates. You write to the Examination institute listed on the certificate. You can do this by using the EI's service-desk email address or online contact form if you wish, but my experience with one of the largest EIs is that I am still waiting for a reply three years later, so a snail-mail paper letter might be better. They write back and tell you if the certificates are real. How long do you have to decide on hiring this guy?

There is no central automatic and compulsory online register of ITIL certifications, just a voluntary one... somewhere. itSMFUK continued this fine tradition with their ISO20000 certification scheme, which had no register at all. APMG are now setting up a register, but it will only cover their scheme of course (there are other ISO20000 certification schemes) and all those who certified already under itSMFUK will only be on it if they choose to do so.

Anyway PJ, this is a lot of fuss for a few certifications which after all are only based on a multi-choice test. Just take his word for it. Only honourable people sit (or claim) ITIL certifications.

Good luck
The ITIL Wizard


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