The IT Skeptic guests on IT Management and Cloud podcast

The IT Skeptic was privileged to be the guest on the latest IT Management & Cloud podcast with co-hosts Michael Coté (you gotta love someone with a blog called People Over Process and the tagline "One foot in the muck, the other in utopia") and John M Willis (you also gotta love someone who sings nearly as badly as Neil Young*).

I think it went rather well despite Astro chewing my sleeve through much of it: we covered CMDB - of course - in quite a lot of depth, not surprising since that its the part of ITIL that intrudes most into Michael's and John's worlds, but we also covered Change, Castle ITIL, the Cloud, my books, and Kiwi accents. There's a comment at the bottom of the page where I fixed the blooper I made during the interview. If you don't want to listen to me, listen to the first part with John's song "IT Revolution".

*There's an allusion there to the preface to my book Introduction to Real ITSM

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