"ITIL 2011" will replace "ITIL 2007" on 29 July 2011. V3 is dead, long live V3

According to an "Elert" email from TSO, "ITIL 2011" will replace "ITIL 2007" on 29 July 2011. I can find no official announcement of this date on the OGC "Official ITIL" website, nor TSO. Odd. Premature elertication?

According to the TSO email

We are delighted to announce 29 July 2011 as the publication date for the following ITIL 2011 editions:

ITIL Service Lifecycle Suite
ITIL Service Strategy
ITIL Service Design
ITIL Service Transition
ITIL Service Operation
ITIL Continual Service Improvement.

the FAQ is here. I will blog about that soon


The usual chaos in Castle ITIL.

A TSO elert and a post on itSMFUK. Castle ITIL flings information over the wall like turds.

ITIL Edition 2011: Stumbling to an outside-in view?

Well I read the FAQ and it reads like there are no new concepts, but then again there are. The qualifications won't be affected, but then again they are. The syllabus will change in proportion to allow the lesson units to be synchronized with the restructured content, which includes "some new content", and a new sylabus is due out August 8.

A previous note from TSO did clearly suggest that although certificates will be unaffected and no 'upgrade' required, the date (or edition) will become relevant. Frankly, given the 'fixing' of Service Strategy, I think it could bring every cert above and beyond Foundation into the frame - and EVERY candidate who has sat the Intermediate and Expert levels should somehow ensure they are up to date!

The changes spelled out to Strategy in the FAQ support the claim by some (may I quote Glenn O'Donnell here of Forrester), that ITIL is indeed 'inside-out' and my long standing belief it is still learning how to help IT folks think and act customer first (outside-in). Glenn's full statement is here as part of his review of the Guide to USMBOK

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