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Hi readers! We are not answering a question today. With encouragement from Aidan Lawes I am making my contribution to the worldwide body of ITIL knowledge by assembling a glossary of some of the ITIL terms most misunderstood.

Asset Component of a business process. Assets can include people, accommodations, computer systems, networks, paper records, fax machines, etc. source
Asset Management Asset Management is an accounting process for monitoring assets whose purchase price exceeds a defined limit. Records include the purchase price, depreciation, business unit and location. source
Service Qality Plan The written plan and specification of internal targets designed to guarantee the agreed Service Levels. source
Service Request Every incident not being a failure in the IT Infrastructure. source
Service Transition A stage in the Lifecycle of an IT Service. Service Transition includes a number of Processes and Functions and is the title of one of the Core ITIL publications. source
Thrashing A condition in a virtual storage system where an excessive proportion of CPU time is spent moving data between main and auxiliary storage. source

There! I hope that cleared up some of these terms for you!

And don't you go thinking the ITIL Wizard made these up; they all come directly from the authorative ITIL glossaries cited as the source. One of them is such an authorative source it is linked to from Wikipedia

If you find any examples of definitions of ITIL terms that might cause confusion please pass them on to us. I'm sure there are lots more!

Good luck!
The ITIL Wizard


Confusing terms

Implementation. Their use of this term is fuzzy at best. For example, in the Deming Cycle "Do" phase, it says, it includes the "development and implementation of a project to close the identified gaps, implementation of the improvement to Service Management process...." In the "Check" phase it says this stage requires implementing the actual service and Service Management process improvements". ldiaz

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