ITIL is just a blend of TQM and PRINCE2 right?

Dear Wiz

I hear ITIL is just a blend of TQM and PRINCE2. Is that right?

I'm sitting the ITIL exams soon and the answer to this might help me.

Bill Denk
Experienced ITIL Consultant

Dear Bill

Yes, pretty much. There are bits of the old IBM red books thrown in there too for operations stuff, but mostly it is just TQM. Every ITIL process in the books is built around the Demming Cycle of Plan-Check-Do-Act. There's a whole book on that: Continuous Service Improvement, though it somehow makes the four steps into seven and the diagrams show it as eight so I'm a bit confused about that aspect.

And as you say, the rest basically comes from PRINCE2, or so I gather. They are both created by OGC (that's the British Government's Office of Government Computing) so that would make sense.

Good luck
The ITIL Wizard

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