itSMF International Board has three new members

As announced today, the itSMF Board elections have elected three new Board members (they retire only half the members each time so there is continuity):
* David Cannon (USA)
* Peter Cross (Australia)
* Michael Kum (Malaysia)

There were multiple nominations which is a healthy sign, but not for those who missed out.

I see HP continue to pass the baton (David Cannon replaces Ken Wendle). And the election of Peter Cross should make Board meetings interesting - he is something of a firebrand when he gets riled - talk about the wild colonial.


Replacement? No. Upgrade? Definately.


"David Cannon replaces Ken Wendle"?


I'd be deeply flattered indeed to entertain the idea that David is somehow viewed as a "replacement" for me!

David's ongoing, very long term and substantial contribution globally to both the ITSM industry and the itSMF far surpasses that of my own and it certainly didn't start when he became an HP employee nor, I suspect, would stop if he left HP.

The number of people and the number of itSMF Chapters around the planet he has helped (including me as my ITIL Manager instructor in 1998) is substantial, to say the least.

His many contributions to the IT Service Management industry reaches far beyond his co-authorship of the ITIL V3 Service Operation book.

If anything, one would suspect that being employed by a large vendor would have worked against a candidate for the Intl. board, but David's ample qualifications stand on their own and it is respect for those qualifications - not his employment by a particular vendor - which got him elected.

It is gratifying and encouraging to see a respected veteran like David - who has seen "the good, the bad and the ugly" of the organization - have enough guts to take it on.

Maybe it's time to stop judging people based on who they work for and start looking at their experience, competency, commitment, passion, dedication and what they have accomplished and what they can accomplish on behalf of the organization?

For my part, I wish David, Peter and Michael all the best! They need and deserve all of our support in an all-too-often thankless role.

1st US ITIL Service Manager Class - Southern Dunes FL!

Ken, I'm glad you reached out to support David as he returns to the International Board.

As the person who commissioned David to come to the US for the first time and lead the class that provided yours and my introduction to ITIL (as well as that of the first wave of US ITIL Service Manager's - remember that one - Southern Dunes Florida?), I too congratulate him and wish him well.

You will likely recall that class was no easy task for David. We all thought we knew so much about what ITIL should be, rather than allow David instruct us in what it actually was. I remember distinctly David's frustration at having to run a class by consensus, yet he was a consummate gentleman throughout.

As you rightfully said, this itSMF volunteer work requires dedication, a steadfast eye on conflict of interest, especially when you have to balance that with the interests of a major vendor organization and likely sponsor of itSMF. I have nothing but respect for anyone taking that on, and especially on an international stage.

As for keeping a watchful eye on affiliations and employer links, I think thats very healthy indeed. I agree it needs to be balanced with results, we should all respect each other as professionals, and trust the intentions of someone who volunteers. But, there is nothing like the disinfecting influence of sunshine represented by transparency and openness of thought, discussion and deeds.

Here is to a more vibrant, open and membership focused itSMF and good luck to you, David and the other Directors of the ICSM organization (a veritable a whos who of itSMF present and past), in its effort to bring the prISM professionalism scheme to market via the itSMF.

great to have the IT Skeptic part of the itSMF movement

Hi Rob

How are you? FYI , I've been a fan of yours since 2005, and my work-line in training, consulting and education field certainly needs "skeptics" that contribute on the "road less travelled" (compared to the bigger boys in the industry).

Rob, you fit that area absolutely well. I have sent an invitational email to you sometime in Sept '08, inviting you over to K.L. for itSMF Malaysia conference event, as the regional chapters run our events parallel so as to accomodate the international speakers, i.e. including yourself. I do value your comments, and rest assured that the itSMF movement will have more coverage with positive impacts.

This timely appointment to the international movement is a symbolic gesture of the international movement to have itSMF really "international". My job is not just to represent Asia, but the smaller, and up-and -coming chapters; and contribute positively new ideas; same as like yourself and many others who walk the talk.

By wearing multiple hats, I too will need to deliver based on the KPI's that will need to be met. ITSMF and the knowledge domain needs IP and new ideas. Let's all help to build it constructively and positively. With all your support, please do contribute immensely all the necessary criticisms, also do highlight the unforeseen opportunities. Point us the way forward for the itSM movement so that we do not re-invent the wheel; understanding the many colourful facets of legacy that are involved. I am at your service(of the user community), as my appointment is to serve.

Thank you, sincerely
Michael Kum KJ, itSMF M'sia

this corner of the planet

Thank-you Michael

We look forward to your contributions to itSMF International. With you and Peter on the Board, this corner of the planet continues to contribute way beyond our proportion.

As we discussed at the time, I'd have loved to add Malaysia to the Singapore and Thailand conferences I did last year but unfortunately I had arranged to meet my family in Manila - I found out too late. Maybe next year :)

Good luck up at Castle ITIL!

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