My host is WestHost

After three years of this blog there's someone I should thank: the folk at WestHost who have kept it running almost without a hitch all that time. I've run this blog on virtual servers and real ones, all hosted in Utah by the nice WestHost folk. The service has been impeccable, from real live humans who are invariably polite, patient, responsive and helpful. There are slightly cheaper deals out there but not much and with a lot more unhappy customers on the forums: I think WestHost is a great deal. We've had a couple of glitches over the the years, only one of which was their fault as we moved from one server to another and the domain didn't come along. They jumped to fix them both times. The rest of the time it has chugged quietly away, the technology upgrading from time to time, backups backing up and servers serving. I'm a very happy customer.


not even Murphy's Law

It is not even Murphy's Law: it is some other weird effect that any time I say something is going well guarantees it will soon go wrong. Today the POP3 wasn't working - first problem in ages. I got on Live Chat to support, they fixed it in a minute.


Why host in the northern hemisphere ?

Brad Vaughan

good question

good question. Clearly it is unwise to host in a place as risky as the USA but the pipe from NZ to the world is distinctly third-world: unreliable and variable. A third of readers are from North America and another third from Europe. Hosting with WestHost gives me a SAS 70 Type II certified bunker (whatever that is) with "Tier 1 connections to the Internet backbone available through multiple gigabit Ethernet connections with scalability to OC-48 and beyond. We are peered with Verizon, XO, Global Crossing, Level 3, and ELI. In addition, a private microwave communications network provides options for backup transmission. " Or in English: it's close to the backbone and on a fat pipe.

And it's cheap.

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