Don't get het up about ITIL V3 qualifications scheme; it is still a work in progress

A posting on the UK itSMF member's forum by Sharon Taylor, Chief Examiner, resolves a few issues with the ITIL V3 qualifications scheme, including the 21.5 credits issue. It also states that "this is still work in development and many discussions are taking place to ensure the final form of the scheme..." So perhaps APMG's announcement was a little premature, because it certainly didn't mention any further "work in development".

The key points of Sharon's post:

Managers - anyone who wishes to recieve the ITIL diploma can take the Manager bridge. there is no requirement to take a foundation bridge.

That's the 21.5 credits issue apparently resolved.

Later versions of the scheme have amended the credits to reflect this and also to reflect the ongoing discussion of the qualification Board.

So work is clearly still ongoing and the Qualification Board are still discussing. The military has a saying that no plan survives the first encounter with the enemy. But perhaps a little more user testing might have reduced ther very public revisions.

The current single practitioner credits will be increased to reflect a greater value in achievement than the foundation level of learning

Someone who had achieved a Practitioner certification would not be overjoyed at it being worth 1 credit when a V3 Foundation is worth 2. Hardly proportional.

We look forward to the day when the accreditation scheme is actually posted somewhere other than in a press release, and is kept current with these changes.

Now all of you with itSMF membership (just under 90% of you according to the recent poll) better go ask for access to the UK website's forums because that is obviously the happening place. And this blog of course.



This cake came out of the oven too soon.

Frequent flyer systems always have catches

Those of us who have used similar systems - such as green shield stamps (remember those) or frequent flyer miles are all too familiar with the inherent unfairness of such schemes. They have black out dates, offer privilege paths, and sometimes disenfranchise the commoner. I feel the path the ITIL scheme has taken is fraught with difficulties. As far as I can see they have not even worked out what cake they intend to bake!

In the meantime the load is dumped on ATOs to fess up with an explanation..... more, more formal and better communications please. We are here to help and support ITIL V3 - we hold your future customer's hand....

So for now its 'carry on regardless' - continue to offer last year's model - V2.

Oh - and PLEASE keep it simple... and involve your customers and channel partners more...

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