SO regards KEDB as distinct from CMS, ST does not

SO p66 "the KEDB, like the CMS, forms part of a larger... SKMS" Clearly distinct.

ST p 68 "The CMS maintains... any related ... known errors". included.

NB there appears to be no mention of KEDB in ST?


So, so we still release the testing KEDB to production?

I thought it was once a good practice that the KEDB matured in the testing environment was released with the service to production ? So what does ST do with it?

Flame Wars ahead

What is in CMDB, CMS or SKMS will probably be one of these subject that are going to generate endless discussions around ITIL V3.

This is why an architecture perspective is needed

This is why an architectural view is needed. Resolving these things is really quite simple. You define your data subjects and/or major entities, and then matrix them to the candidate systems. Clive Finkelstein, James Martin, and Steve Spewak have all shown the way.

The challenging bit is defining what is an application (aka system). See There is no-one today selling a Service Knowledge Management System as such (although I'm sure that both CMDB vendors as well as EA vendors are considering their market positioning here). Generally, I have looked to the research firms to define overall categories of systems; they play an important market-making role. Look for guidance coming out quickly from Gartner on "What is a Service Knowledge Management System."

Charles T. Betz

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