Wow, now itSMF USA has TWO presidents.

Congratulations to Rob Stroud on his apparent elevation to itSMF USA President!! Well, at least according to CA Hong Kong anyway, who bill Rob's keynote at their upcoming CA Expo as

The Current and Future States of ITIL – Mr Robert Stroud, President, itSMF, USA and Director, BSO, CA

Freudian slip, Rob? I'm sure it's not. I lived in Honk. I know how a little title inflation can happen in that part of the world: nobody is going to check some gweilo's title and we gotta get the punters to show up. You can explain that to Leah Palmer I'm sure...


I see the website has been fixed

I see the website has been fixed: I suspect Rob had a wee chat with the CA HK Marketing Manager. Google cache won't render for me for some reason but if you are lucky you may still be able to enjoy it here

Jumping the Gun

A few weeks ago Mr Stroud was an ITIL V3 author. Today he's the President of ITSMFUSA. What's next? Anybody see a simple problem here other than me?

Skeptic, is your millerian reference a foreign devil?

gweilo = ghost

"gweilo" = "ghost"

better than the Han Chinese name for us which I believe translates as "big nose"

And I don't think this can be laid at Rob's door. An example of local over-enthusiasm I'd have said.

Could this be...

.... a harbinger?

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