The purpose of SACM

ST 4.3.1 p65
"The purpose of SACM is to: ..."

I must eb thick because I've read those four purposes over and over, and they sound like they are all the same one to me. I guess it is "purpose" singular but why the four bullets? Especially the last three would seem to be entirely redundant


Poor wording

The wording is indeed poor, but there are at least 2, if not 3, distinct points here:

Bullet 1: these are, of course, the main activities of the process that we already saw in ITIL 3

Bullet 2 & 3: They are indeed hard to distinguish, unless some text has fallen out from bullet 3 (but how are we to know that!). I understand Bullet 2 as being a detail of the activity Control, already in Bullet 1.

Bullet 4: The real point is about the CMS, and repeating the integrity business does not enhance the clarity.

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