Tell us what you think about the new ITIL Version 3 books, and see what others thought

Better than anything else out there
13% (15 votes)
Great, excellent, better than I hoped
18% (20 votes)
Good enough, about what I expected, will do the job
22% (25 votes)
Disappointing, lacking, not what I hoped, will be hard to use
18% (21 votes)
Useless, won't work, dangerous
7% (8 votes)
No opinion, or haven't read them
22% (25 votes)
Total votes: 114


we can be forming valid impression of V3 by now

The ITIL Version 3 books have been out long enough that many of you will have had a look at them. As I have said elsewhere it will take years to understand all the content and the implications, and to test the chisel of theory against the rock of reality, but we can be forming valid impression by now. What are yours?

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