Visions of the Future of ITIL: Fifth Vision

The IT Swami gives us his mid-year Visions of the Future of ITIL. Previously we had the First, Second,, Third and Fourth Visions.
The story so far:

my visions of today: the crowd in the desert, the gorilla and the pig, and the closed castle... let us be examining the fate of the ITIL...I can see three fates awaiting the ITIL: one pleasant, two not so. First fate: the ITIL walks the road of knowledge, seeking enlightenment...How great is the joy and the glory!

Now here is the Fifth Vision:

Swami: But there is a second outcome: a stubborn ITIL, fighting those it meets on the road. It refuses to see the greater vision, remains locked within its earthly self, brawling and bickering with others on the same path. In the end the ITIL is dying, quickly and brutally, slain by one that is stronger, kicked into the ditch.

For a tongue-in-cheek scenario of ITIL’s fate see my April Fools posting. Certainly ITIL should not get too confident about being top of the heap. ITIL Version 3 is cause for some concern, with the way it makes only token acknowledgement of others such as ISO20000 and COBIT then ignores them throughout the V3 core books.

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