Visions of the Future of ITIL: Sixth Vision

The IT Swami gives us his mid-year Visions of the Future of ITIL. Previously we had five other visions starting with the First.

The fourth and fifth visions were about

...three fates awaiting the ITIL: one pleasant, two not so. First fate: the ITIL walks the road of knowledge, seeking enlightenment...But there is a second outcome: a stubborn ITIL, fighting those it meets on the road...In the end the ITIL is dying, quickly and brutally, slain by one that is stronger, kicked into the ditch.

Now here is the sixth:

Swami: There is a third fate coming to me, of an ITIL that settles, living quietly where it has always been. It renovates the house for a second time, into five nice new rooms. It grows old slowly. At first it has many friends but the crowd moves away and soon it is alone in the silence. It dies slowly, lonely, embittered, ignored and forgotten.

It would be easy for those who control ITIL to see Version 3 as the last word, the ultimate investment in the framework. They can settle back now and cash the cheques for many a year.

Next and last, the Seventh Vision

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