itSMF has the mix right (for now): ITSM=ITIL

Several people commenting privately to the IT Skeptic are worried that ITIL has taken over itSMF. ITSM is ITIL: get over it. Of course, it won't always be thus.

That might change in future as some other movement or body of knowldege gains ascendancy, e.g. ISO20000, but right now ITIL is the only significant IT Service Management game in town.

If that does change, then a few newly emergent power players in the ITIL world might have too much emotionally invested in ITIL for them to see the writing on the wall. This does not concern me. It will be bad for them personally but not for itMSF. If the landscape changes they will be seen as less relevant and rolled at election.

As for itSMF itself, I have argued that itSMF is driven by commercial considerations not any attachment to members or to ITIL per se. The moment the market moves somewhere else, so too will itSMF (faster than a robber's dog, I'd suggest).

The almost total domination of itSMF by commercial interests is actually a positive in this regard (there had to be one). They will be entirely unsentimental about dumping ITIL the instant they see the money moving away.

Meanwhile, I think the itSMF has the mix about right (in terms of reflecting the interests of the marketplace): massive emphasis on ITIL, a few exploratory ventures into ISO20000, and completely ignore SM-CMM, FITS, MOF...


re:itSMF has the mix right (for now): ITSM=ITIL

I thought the foundation charter of itSMF was to promote adoption of ITIL. Seems like the charter on thw website has changed over the years.

Brad Vaughan

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