Comments from the IT Skeptic blog, November 2007

We had an interesting month for comments in the blog: ongoing consternation over training and certification; an outbreak of discussing global politics (with yours truly one of the culprits); and some good solid content worthy of readers' attention.

The definition of helpdesk vs service desk, or X-Desk, or just X-...

Will the ITIL Version 3 Foundation syllabus and exams ever settle down? Will we ever understand the certification scheme? One thread proposed a trainers' study group to deal with uncertainty and changing conditions.

itSMF "funny business" continues unabated. One day I'll blog about the remarkable contrast with nice staid professional ISACA (unless someone wants to enlighten me otherwise?)

A wildly rambling thread took us from ITIL V3 processes to certification to green ITSM (oh puhleeese) to oil prices and Arab terrorism.

CA has a fan, an event unusual enough to note. This was one of two pro-vendor threads. Not that I have anything against vendors. Some of my best friends are vendors :) The first thread discussed vendor developers' certification against ITIL, and the second thread went into their ability (or otherwise) to actually deliver consulting. Another discussion was less positive about HP, includng feedback on the recent product announcements.

My blog about management vs. governance triggered some really beefy discussion on governance and on KPIs, including input from Mr Metrics himself, Peter Brooks. It also included Five ITIL Myths that I can't top.

Finally we got some good discussion of ITIL as best practice going, with a brief digression into ITIL wikis.

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