itSMF International launch an online discussion forum.

Thanks and congratulations go to itSMF International [wow, it must be Christmas time] for launching an official discussion forum.

The IT Skeptic has been critical in the past of the ITIL establishment's reluctance to embrace "Web 2.0" culture and capabilities, such as the hidden error feedback system, the closed door to user contribution, the narrow contributor base, and the elitist patronising approach of OGC.

OGC show zero sign of going down this path, presumably due to British civil servants' distaste for anything that might give a voice to the masses or rock the boat no matter how lightly. But at least itSMFI are taking the first steps towards collaboration. Good on you itSMFI!

BTW readers, if the itSMFI moderators get too heavy handed, you've always got the comments threads where you can freely have your say :)


Service Management Institute Service Connections

There are other online communities that discuss Service Management issues with a mind to improve the situation in an open forum.

As the Skeptic has pointed out many times, itSMF exists only to serve ITIL and OGC. What would be the point of contributing to an itSMF forum knowing that OGC will only continue to include input from vendors and their elite club members?

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