Comments from the IT Skeptic blog, January 2008

It was a bit quiet on the blog, probably for two reasons; the run up to Christmas, and because I was posting slower thsan usual.

HP came in for a bit of flak over OpenView Service Desk.

The question of ITIL as best practice saw some discussion, of both "best" and "practice".

The question of what is a "process" came up, in several places.

We had some strong discussion over the issue of measuring people by numbers.

The comparison of ITIL and COBIT drew a bit of comment including a couple from Rob Stroud, sorry Robert E. Stroud (Chair, COBIT Steering Committee).

In case you missed it there was an interesting update on the paths to the ITIL Expert qualification. the criticism of the training and certification just keeps coming.

We talked abit about the pros and cons of ITSM forums. ["Fora" actually but I used that in the original post and decided it looked wanky].

Ian made a good comment about the ongouing wishy-washiness of Release. There was also discussion of Retired Services.

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