itSMFI new website and new Board portfolios

DrupalFurther to the news that itSMF International had the plug pulled on its website (covered in the last edition of the Skeptical Informer) and is scrambling to implement a new one, the pilot site is coming along.

It is being built in Drupal again (the IT Skeptic's favoured CMS), and they use GoDaddy as the domain registrar, also the IT Skeptic's favourite. See it here.

It is registered to itSMF Ltd at the UK address, as itSMFUK provide all administrative services to itSMFI. (I guess it helps keep the Yanks down. One day they may stage a putsch.)

I've been away so I may have missed an announcement but it appears this site is just pilot, and the (temporary) official site is still this one.

Oh! and the itSMF Executive Board have announced their portfolio assignments. The IT Skeptic looks forward to the good things this new Board will achieve under Sharon's leadership.

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