Coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website

After the interesting feedback provided to our recent poll, and after due consideration by the IT Skeptic, let us look at what is coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website:

I hear you loud and clear that you want to better understand ITIL3, so I will continue to pass on what I learn, and to collate it, through a suitably skeptical filter of course.

Likewise I hear you that you want to discuss the broader context of IT Service Management, and understand where things fit like ISO20000, COBIT and the esoterica of Open ITIL, SM-CMM, ITSMBOK etc, and what they are good for.

Personally I'd like to look more at these new areas for the website:

  • governance (which includes for example aspects of ROI, management, metrics, risk...)
  • privacy
  • IT career development

all from a skeptical viewpoint, naturally.

And much as I'd like to move on from the politics and shennigans of the ITIL community, I admit I enjoy it and your feedback says you do too, so we'll keep them on their toes in 2008 eh?

Finally, this site is getting enough attention that I really ought to drink my own champagne and get some governance around here. Any suggestion for governance models for a bombastic scuttlebutt website?

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