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Great quotes about ITIL and CMDB:

[CMDB is] basically what the whole ITIL world has concluded they don't understand, wrapped into a thing and named.


I'm pretty skeptical that ITIL is a lifesaver when people have already reached the 'frog in boiling water' point, because they'll still need to spend a year figuring out what ITIL means to their company and how to turn these vague descriptions into tactical actions.

What someone in that situation really needs is a competent, action-oriented person who can come in and make pain go away very quickly. Obviously they can't just do silly short-term actions, but they also can't afford to spend a year or more designing and implementing some kind of enterprise-ready something-or-other.

And that's my real problem with ITIL -- it's a very top-down, Fortune 500-first approach to the problem, and I don't think any tools developed for the Fortune 500 have every trickled down to the rest of the world. Quite the opposite, really -- the small companies develop and hone both tools and practice, and it eventually trickles up to the Fortune 500.

I'm indebted to bushwald for linking to this.

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