Owning ITIL now available on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.co.jp etc

The IT Skeptic's book Owning ITIL® is now available on the "other" Amazon sites such as Amazon.co.uk. It has been available for some time on Amazon.com. Essential reading for everyone planning, proposing, owning or approving Service Management projects!

This compact book is aimed at decisionmakers to help you make the right decisions about ITIL (and at those who propose ideas to them to help you be successful).

Some ITIL projects shouold never have seen the light of day. instead of perhaps 3 out of 10 projects succeeding, let's strive for 5 out of 7. That is to say, by killing off the worst 30% of project proposals, we can free up resources to do the remaining 70% properly (or perhaps save your organisation from spending any money at all).

The book addresses these key questions:

    What is ITIL (really)?
    What should you watch out for in ITIL proposals (and projects)?
    How to improve the chances of ITIL succeeding?
    What to ask for or expect from an ITIL project?
    What about tools?

If you have a line item in your budget, a proposal before you, or a task assigned to you with the word "ITIL" in it (or implied), buy this book in your own defence.

Owning ITIL® is on discount to $27.72 on Amazon.com so even with free shipping on Amazon.co.uk at £26.50 the USA may still be cheaper, especially if you buy more than one :) (makes a great geek gift!!)

Also available on Amazon.de, Amazon.co.jp and presumably all other Amazon regionals.

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