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IT analysts produce crap factoids - The IT Skeptic

14:03 minutes (5.64 MB)

This is a podcast of the original article IT analysts produce crap - what to look for in analyst "research"

passing multi choice exams - The IT Skeptic

5:59 minutes (2.41 MB)

A podcast of the original blog postITIL Certification: a technique for passing multiple-choice exams

Multiple-choice exams test how well someone can do multiple-choice exams. Depending on how well written the qustions are, they might also test some understanding of the topic ... or not. With good technique you can get a pretty good score with limited knowledge

ITIL 3 how best to buy it - The IT skeptic

7:29 minutes (3.01 MB)

There are three ways to buy ITIL Version 3: books, PDFs or online subscription. Which is best?

A podcast of the original blog post: Which is the best way to buy ITIL version 3: as books, PDFs or online subscription? The IT Skeptic makes a choice.

itSMF and ISACA - like chalk and cheese - The IT Skeptic

5:36 minutes (2.26 MB)

A podcast of the original post itSMF and ISACA: like chalk and cheese.

If you missed this month's edition of the Skeptical Informer, you missed some scuttlebutt about why the itSMF International website has hastily gone off the air. The circus continues - all part of an endless litany of mis-management, spats, dodgy deals and mis-governance through 2007.

By way of contrast, it is interesting to reflect that in the past two months ISACA has, for me personally as a member, done the following:

IT Skeptic Awards 2007 - IT Skeptic

14:21 minutes (5.76 MB)

A podcast of the original article

The IT Skeptic is pleased to announce our annual New Year's awards, inaugurated last year. These awards are presented to deserving figures and organisations in the IT industry in general and the ITSM industry in particular.

ITIL is the hitchhiker's guide - The IT Skeptic

5:29 minutes (2.21 MB)

A podcast of the original article ITIL is the hitchhiker's guide, COBIT is the encyclopaedia
As the IT Skeptic digs (happily) deeper into COBIT, I ponder the difference between COBIT and ITIL. In my simple layman's mind, ITIL is the hitchhiker's guide, COBIT is the encyclopaedia, rather like the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Encyclopedia Galactica.

Trial ITIL vs. placebo - The IT Skeptic

5:05 minutes (4.65 MB)

A podcast of the original article

I would like to trial ITIL versus a placebo.

Instead of using ITIL as the framework or guidance for process improvement in IT production, I would use a placebo body of knowledge.

The biggest hole in ITIL - The IT Skeptic

2:41 minutes (2.46 MB)

This is a podcast of the original article ITIL's biggest hole: where is the meta-lifecycle?

ITIL3 now describes the lifecycle of a service, and does an excellent job of it. But where is the guidance on how to implement the ITIL process machinery to manage that service through its lifecycle? Where is the lifecycle of the lifecycle, as it were - the meta-lifecycle?

IT ops can learn from Lean - The IT Skeptic

3:43 minutes (3.41 MB)

Keep an eye on Lean. It is the next big thing (fad or real change?). I always watch what is coming across from manufacturing to IT because - in the service management area at least - that is the trend: manufacturing teaches us.

ITIL Version 2.5, Hybrids? - The IT Skeptic

2:49 minutes (2.59 MB)

A podcast of the original article ITIL Version 2.5: Will we see hybrids?

ITIL Version 3 tells us how to run, whilst ITIL version 2 tells us how to walk. Many sites are only ready to learn to walk, so what then to do about the good ideas introduced in Version 3? Do we add a little 3 to the mix? or will that only cause confusion?

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