SD what is ITP?

Page 142 uses the acronym ITP - I'm sure they mean ISP

ST p90 Figure 4.20

‘Assume deployment …’ changed to ‘Assure deployment …’

SS p114 Figure 5.8

In lower left-hand box, middle section, change ‘MTTR’ to ‘MTRS’ twice

SD P33 Figure 3.6

SD P33 3.6.2 Designing supporting systems…
In Figure 3.6, ‘Service Knowledge Management System’ was added to top of database shape containing the Service Portfolio

Source ISEB http://www.itskeptic.org/node/487

SS P201 Figure 9.5

SS P201 Figure 9.5
The two arrows within the large oval, one next to the circle ‘Customer assets’ and the other next to the circle ‘Service assets’ have had their directions reversed, so that the first one points upwards (in an anti-clockwise direction), and the second one points downwards (in an anti-clockwise direction).

Source ISEB http://www.itskeptic.org/node/487

PYIFE Page 157: 12.2 Question 4 wrong

Page 157: 12.2 Answers to Sample Questions
Question 4: The correct answer should have been: a. The rationale is correct.

From http://www.itsmfi-forum.org/forum15/109.html

PYIFE Page 90: 6.6 Question 3 wrong

Page 90: 6.6 Sample Questions and Answers
Question 3: The correct answer should have been: d - all of the statements are correct as stated in Section 6.4

From http://www.itsmfi-forum.org/forum15/109.html

PYIFE Page 89: 6.6 Question 4 wrong

Page 89: 6.6 Sample Questions and Answers
Question 4: Option d should have been: d 5,2,3,4,1

From http://www.itsmfi-forum.org/forum15/109.html

SD p145 Figure 4.27 Security control - It is shown as 'Direction' - instead of 'Detection'

Book: Service Design.

Section 4.6.5
Figure 4.28: Security Controls for Threats and Incidents.

The Controls just under the box 'Incident', are shown: 'Direction' and 'Repression'.

These should have been 'Detection' and 'Repression'

For validating this, the explanation in the next page (page 146 in pdf version) can be referred to.

A clear typo - but since it is in the diagram - have seen even some coursewares showing the diagram as is.

ST p59 Renaming FSC to CS then referred to as SC

Page 58 (Change Management Process) tells us that Change Management is responsible for generating the change schedule, which is explained can be abbreviated CS (all of this sounds pretty logical. Why we had to rename FSC to CS though, I will leave to the SWAMI to predict).


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