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You don't need a weatherman... watch everyone scramble aboard ISO20000

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" [Bob Dylan]. Watch all the key ITIL players rapidly embracing ISO20000. When ITIL is just one more IT-geek thing we reminisce about to prove how long we've been around, you read the prediction of its demise here first.

CMDB inappropriate for ITIL - The IT Skeptic

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This is a podcast of the original blog post by the IT Skeptic

...the kind of platitudinous claptrap peddled by vendors and their analyst sycophants to lull people into adopting their lunatic ideas (and buying their products and consulting). Make it sound easy, obvious and do-able....They see CMDB is too hard, so they are trying to come up with methodological approaches that will lessen the problem, by breaking off bits and calling that a good-enough CMDB. But they are addressing the symptom not the problem.

Is Microsoft attempting to patent CMDB?

A recent patent application appears to indicate that Microsoft is applying to patent CMDB. This issue is not attracting the outrage that it ought to. Next time you see your Microsoft rep, ask him/her WTF they are up to. And if you get anything like a rational answer, post it here so we can all understand.

CMDB can't be done - The IT Skeptic

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A podcast of the original article from the IT Skeptic: ITIL’s dead elephant: CMDB can't be done
CMDB can’t be done. Not as ITIL defines it. At least not with a justifiable return on the investment of doing it - it is such an enormous undertaking that any organisation attempting it is going to burn money on an irresponsible scale. The truth about CMDB is no secret. It is a “dead elephant”: a great putrescence in the corner of the room that everyone studiously ignores, stepping around it and ignoring the stench, because life will be so much simpler if they do not acknowledge the obvious.

Busines cases are so simple: give the decisionmaker what they want

When you are building a business case for ITIL (or anything), it doesn't matter if it is intangible Value or $$$Return that the proposal is offering if that is not what the business wants at this time.

Technology does not fix process

People are drawn to IT by a fascination with complex technology. This is most unfortunate because this fascination blinds so many of us to the importance of the People/Process/Product trilogy.

Debasement of IT terms

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This is a podcast of the original article from the IT Skeptic: "Debasement of concepts by IT vendors and analysts" by the IT Skeptic.

The persistent erosion of meaning in IT terminology is a damaging practice endemic across vendors and analysts. When a concept gains some currency and everyone wants it, suddenly all the vendors have got it - often by re-labelling a feature of their existing product. And the analysts keep confusing the definition so no-one can call the vendors out for this obfuscation.

If IT ain't broke don't fix it - The IT Skeptic

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A podcast of the original article from the IT Skeptic: If IT ain't broke don't fix it

Perhaps the saddest sight in the ITIL world is organisations that adopt ITIL processes when the old ones were working OK. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.

The emperor has no clothes: there is no evidence for ITIL - the IT Skeptic

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A podcast of the original article from the IT Skeptic: The Emperor has no clothes. Where is the evidence for the benefits of ITIL? There isn’t any. Not the kind of hard empirical evidence that would stand up in, say, clinical trials.

A great new blog to check out

Here is a new blog that I highly commend: ITSM report. Lucid, skeptical, and insightful ... a joy to behold.

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