When will the ITIL Manager Bridge exam be withdrawn?

Dear Wizard

I know ITIL V2 is being killed off and I hear some of the exams won't be available much longer. When is the end-date for the manager bridge exam?

Thanks, Al

Dear Al

I believe it is June 2011, or was it November 2011? I asked a friend and he thought it ended this year. So I can't give you a definitive answer sorry. Someone suggested you look on the EXIN site which may or may not know. You better sit the exam soon just to be sure.

You could always look on the official ITIL website but then what would be the point of these forums and groups, and gurus like me? And if you were capable of doing that I presume you wouldn't have asked in the first place.

Good luck!
The ITIL Wizard


Removal of version2 exams confirmed

Removal of version2 will complete on 30 June 2011. Specific product withdrawal will be as follows:

V2 Foundation to cease 30 June 2010
V2 Manager to cease 31 August 2010
V2 Practitioner to cease 31 Dec 2010
Foundation Bridge to cease 31 Dec 2010
All of the above will be available for re-sits until 30 June 2011
Manager Bridge to cease 30 June 2011

Full details available on http://www.ogc.gov.uk/itil_ogc_withdrawal_of_itil_version2.asp

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