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The IT Skeptic is a commentator on IT's sillier moments, especially those related to ITSM in general and ITIL in particular. This is not because the IT Skeptic wishes to focus on ITIL - it is just that ITIL and itSMF provide such great material for a skeptic.

The IT Skeptic is the pseudonym of Rob England, an IT consultant and commentator. Although he works around the ITIL industry, he is self-employed and explores other non-ITIL ventures. He has twenty years experience mapping business requirements to IT solutions, ten of them in service management. He has written many articles and papers, and several books. He is active in the itSMF (the professional body for ITIL) and a member of ACM, ISACA and the NZ Computer Society. He is also a paid-up Skeptic. He has been around. He lives with his son in a small house in a small village in a small country far away.

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An interview on ITSMTV with the IT Skeptic: background and persona.

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You made it to the ITIL v3 Launch ;)

Hi Skeptic :)

I don't have your e-mail address but wanted you to know that you were cited at the ITIL v3 launch in London today.

The mention came about when a certain 8 box diagram for a 7 step process was put on the screen during the Continual Service Improvement presentation. The author in question was George Spalding.

So now if you get a sudden influx of new readers, you know who to thank :)

The ITIL Imp

Thank-you George

George was one of my instructors for the "ITIL Implementation Road Map", which is very good.

Thanks Imp, nice to know :-)

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