Who sets the ITIL exams?

Dear Wiz,
I just sat my ITIL exam and it was really hard and confusing. Is it Prometric who writes these exams because I want to complain?


Dear Jerry,

Haha those exams sure are tough! I'm guessing you did the Foundations exam because you can do that one without a training course. It is a common misunderstanding that Prometric write the exams but I can assure you they don't. The exams are written by two not-for-profit organisations called ISEB and EXIN (they are called ATOs). I think ISEB are American and EXIN are British. I have seen announcements from APMG too who seem to have something to do with this, they must be the PR company for the other two.

I'm not clear how you complain about the exams. You could try writing to OGC, the ITIL people, but I'm not sure how much they have to do with it really. Their address is
Office of Government Commerce
Rosebery Court
St Andrew's Business Park
Norwich, Norfolk

Good luck
The ITIL Wizard


Mr Wizard didnt read the spell book properly

Small correction from Mr Teacher

All Version 3 Exams are written and edited by APMG. Also, any translation is governed by them.

EXIN, ISEB, Prometric, Pearson and others have now simply become "resellers" of the exams.

In the V1 and V2 days of ITIL ISEB and EXIN were in the lead.

ISEB (Information Systems Examination Board) is Brittish, EXIN (EXamen INstituut) is Dutch.

Anyway, you'd best either study harder and /or follow a training (as the trainer also gives hints and tips on how to pass your exam) or complain at the institute where you took the exam as the can pass this on to APMG

RTFM (or in this case RTFP)

Damn, Castle ITIL's very own joker from New Sealand pulled me a leg!

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