COBIT5 another step closer... to ITIL

COBIT5 is coming along. The first(?) development workshop is over and the next is in August, not far away! For those of you who haven't got your head around the next generation of COBIT, you need to. I grow weary reiterating that COBIT is not for auditors. COBIT is good for management, governance-enablement, design, assessment... and audit. [COBIT is the first tool I reach for, not ITIL]. It is marching into ITIL's space with superior fire power. So wake up.

To my knowledge COBIT5 is a complete reworking and integration of all the ITGI/ISACA material into a single framework, as well as properly embracing the governance space to match ISO38500. The four COBIT4 domains will still be in there but it may turn out they are in there like ITIL V2 was supposed to still be unchanged in V3.

The model is public contribution, and there will be online content and community as well as book documents. Or so the promise goes.

The thing I always have to remind myself is that COBIT is not an ITSM framework it is an IT management framework: very well aligned when the world gets over the ITSM fuss. COBIT is already much wider than ITIL (though not as deep... yet) and will be more so in COBIT5 (wider AND deeper).

My overall view of the impact of COBIT5 is here

For a fine introduction to ISACA's new directions, watch this presentation from Lynn Lawton, ISACA International President (oh for this kind of insight and transparency from itSMF eh?)...
If COBIT 5 is built from open source contributions it seems to me inevitable that the content will spill out into BAU operational guidance across the range of COBIT processes, which is a superset of ITIL, due simply to the willingness of the contributors to go there.
Since it will include professional certifications and more importantly organisational certification, this must be seen as competitive to ITIL, CMMI-SVC, ISO20000 and ISO38500...
ISACA has been discretely watching the brash usurpers parading on their front lawn and is biding its time to see them off in a quiet, studied and professional manner.

If you've got 40 minutes you can hear me propound on COBIT


I think I love Lynn Lawton

Oh, Mister England, how I have missed reading your blog. Finally getting caught up. Thanks for the link on ISACA with Lynn Lawton.
My jaw just dropped on the floor listening to her. I can’t imagine this level of transparency from any membership organization.
I actually joined ISACA because of the work you have done around blogging the value of membership to the organization.
I can say that the actual value for the dollars I spent far exceeds anything I have paid for over the years. Their new website and the coming COBIT 5 actually makes me want ISACA to march in to camp ITSM X membership organization and take over.
We need desperately before our time gleaning our machines is over, an organization or group of organization that will lead and stop the ambiguity “networking” and “hyperbole”.
Finally, how in the world did ISACA get a video on the internet by BrightTalk without the 23 genes I usually have to give away to watch their event?
Thanks Skep!

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