How to sit your ITIL Foundations exam

This page documents your options for sitting your ITIL Foundations exam. Check back for updates. We don't get any kickbacks from these sites and we aren't selling anything but advertising. This information is just that: information, as useful and unbiased as possible.

You don't need to attend training before doing an ITIL Foundations exam. Here's how to study.

You can sit the exam online at your computer for a few hundred bucks without going to a testing center and without having to sign up for training, or with the training thrown in for free:

Please share feedback with us about these providers by commenting below.

If you do want to go to a testing center:

ProMetric (Awful awful website. Hard to navigate and confusing. Offers EXIN ITIL 2007 and ISEB ITIL 2012, neither of which exist. Only 2011 is valid. Good luck with that)
Pearson Vue

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I booked thoughrock on Monday

Its online course is fantastic. $160 is a good price as well. I am waiting for the voucher code to book the online exam. I will let you know what's happening to me. Cheers. Jon.

Passed the ITIL Foundation today


I sat the exam online and achieved 95%. It a relief but I am still trying to recall which two questions I failed.

Thoughtrock package is highly recommended. I prepared this exam from scratch and followed the steps in "Pass the ITIL V3 Foundation exam in six easy and (almost) free steps" and had to book an online exam since it is not provided in my local city. I spent 2 days on Thoughtrock training and notes to pick up some knowledge notmentioned in the earlier versions.

Hoping my experience is useful.



Exam online in Spanish


Is there any way to sit the exam on-line in Spanish? ProMetric and PearsonVue sites are awful (and more expensive)....

Why do you need a web-cam for the on-line exam? is anyone watching at you during the test? xD

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can!

hello Ramunas,

you can take the exam on-line in any EXIN acredited examination center. They can ask for a spanish version of the online exam and will proctor your session.

Recently EXIN has launched the EXIN Anywhere service, that will allow you to pass an online exam from your home or office, and will be proctored using a webcam.

As you can see in the Exin news website, the service is active in the US and will be released soon in other countries.


Yes of course they are watching you during the test. that's the point of the webcam.

I wonder if proctoring and proctologist share common lexicological roots...?

Hello again! I'm reading at

Hello again!

I'm reading at EXIN and Pearson Vue websites that examination for languages different from English are still available with 2007 syllabus, so Prometric is offering right test versions, I guess....

Is it a disadvantage, pass the exam with 2007 syllabus? is it showed in someplace on the diploma or am I going to have the Itil Foundation v3 certification, with no more details?


2007 vs 2011

Oh I see, thank-you I didnt know that 2007 exams are still current for other languages.
The official line is that V3 certificates are no different to V2 ones! Let alone that there is a difference between 2007 and 2011.
I have an unscientific hunch that employers are divided into 3 roughly equal groups:
- don't know what ITIL is
- don't know or care about the different versions
- want you to have the latest version.

IT Skeptic "Method" vs $160 at ThoughtRock

I don't understand, what is the purpose of following IT Skeptic steps for passing the ITIL Foundation exam and then paying $160 at ThoughtRock to do the exam CONSIDERING that the $160 includes:

[a] FREE Accredited ITIL® Course Training
[b] FREE Exam Study Notes
[c] FREE Practice Exam
[d] FREE Test-Taking Tips!
[e] FREE Membership To Online ITSM Community Thought Rock

Shouldn't I just go with ThoughtRock, since they are essentially offering the entire package that I will have to end up paying for ANYWAY (even if my only intention is to just do the exam)?

Afterall $160 for the convenience of everything in one place seems I missing something here?

You're right

You're quite right. interesting point. I don't like to promote commercial offerings but when the impact is this radical, I do (e.g. the Van Haren online ITIL before OGC/TSO shut it down). I'll update the post.

I switched from CBT Nugget to ThoughtRock

Thanks for the update. I was sitting around wasting time listening to the ITL CBT Nugget ( )but I almost died from BOREDOM.

The CBT Nugget ITIL course is 20 videos approximately 30 minutes each video, i.e a total of 10hrs worth of videos.

I have sinced decided to simply register for the ThoughtRock. The ThoughtRock indicates the following when I login:

"Welcome to the ITIL Foundation Course Seat Time = 26:31:20 Hours (Minimum)."

Yeh, thats right.....26.5hrs worth of videos.....I really hope they are not boring...I am starting to think I should have simply stuck with CBT Nugget (by the way, I did not buy the CBT Bugget, so there was no cost)

I am not promoting ThoughtRock here, but since I know am going to sign up with them to do the exam and they are providing the complete package in one place....I figure I would just get it over and dump the Nugget.

I really hope ThoughtRock won't be BORING....I generally find all this ITIL stuff boring.

I have learnt a few things from the CBT Bugget though, I now know the difference between an "incident" and a "problem", well, I needed to do was simply read the ITIL Glossary for that one.

....whats your take?

Is ITILprime / Tought Rock legit?

Having never heard of this before I am sceptical. Can I really sit a professional exam sitting at my kitchen table?

From the comments so far it seems so but I am dubious.


Yup. Others offer this service too.

You sound

You sound

Exam passed!

Last Thrusday I passed the exam (98%) via Prometric, using 2007 Syllabus and in Spanish. Final cost: 126€ whithout any issues or "surprises".

Now I have my diploma in pdf, waiting for the official one.

Thank you very much for your advices!

Which certification should I prepare now?? :)

Testing center

Exin allows you to take exam Online or at Test Centre, When booking an exam please select
1. Online - Using web cam at home
2. Prometric
3. Pearson VUE

PeopleCert allows you to take exam through Pearson VUE.

Prometric: I am currently going through process of booking exam through Prometric website, it is very hard to understand. So far I have learnt
1. Book a Exam (
2. Click on "Locate a Test Center"
3. Select country, State
4. Select Client Exin
5. Select Program Exin
6. Select ITIL exam (Shows the Fee)
7. Check Seat availability
8. Click on Schedule Appointment
9. Create a user
I will confirm the process as soon as I finalize the booking.

useful information

Thanks Jaspreet, that is useful information.

Did you see the list of other online exam providers in the post above?
ITIL Prime
Thought Rock
Purple Griffon

There are probably more by now. In fact I imagine most providers have online-proctored exams now.
Personally I wouldn't bother going to a testing center

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