Event generating a change ?

In Service Operation, page 38, figure 4.1 mentions an event can generate a change. Same is explained again in where an event triggers a change. But there is no mention of a change triggered by an event in Service Transition.


automated change

I think you are being a bit harsh. ST refers to "changes arise... reactively as a means of resolving errors and adapting to changing circumstances" (p42) and "tuning... reboot" (p47). it also covers "operational change" (p61). It doesn't go into a lot of detail about _any_ sources so service operations is not a standout oversight.

I think you are on the edge of a bigger issue though: automated change gets no mention, yet in this era of Web Services, grid computing and so on, ITIL needs to be ready for dynamically self-healing and self-reconfiguring systems.

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