More on the three sets of itSMF rules

A couple of further points to my post on itSMF "rules": (1) any itSMF rules should be set by the members or at least in response to the wishes of the members (2) should the International Board be operational?

Yes I know the Memorandum and Articles is boilerplate. Some organisations actually think about and change some of it before filing. Some become mature enough to think about and change it a couple of years later, i.e. in International's case round about now. Which is what they are presumably doing with the Rules and the Bylaws. But neither document is published, no-one has asked for member submissions, and I'm betting neither will be ratified by anyone but the Board, or at best an AGM with no forewarning.

As I said in the previous post, a secretive Board is just fine in a privately owned commercial enterprise. It is far from acceptable in a not-for-profit association of paying members. This sort of cavalier attitude clearly demonstrates how important members are in the scheme of things

The other thing for members to ponder is how operational this Board is, as compared to strategic Boards who just set policy and leave the running of the organisation to an executive. I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. I seek your views.

I'm nearly as sick of banging on about itSMF as I'm sure they are of me doing it. In order for me to be able to get on to another topic, please rouse yourself and add your voice for change so I can feel some progress for reform is being made.


Even more interesting: what

Even more interesting: what is the legal relationship between chapters and ITSMF International: No contract/official membership/etcetera... So local chapters can do whatever they want?

The real power is itSMF UK who owns the brand

Correct. Most chapters pre-date the existence of itSMF International. itSMFI is retrospectively tring to impose control but has no mandate to do so, and funnily enough experiences a bit of pushback at AGMs.

The real power is itSMF UK who owns the brand. Financially the 600lb gorilla is of course itSMF USA, so they wield a fair bit of influence over itSMFI too.

Some chapters may predate itSMF UK!

Some chapters pre-date the itSMF UK!

According to public record itSMF UK began its life on 2nd May 1991 as the ITIL USER GROUP and renamed @July 1991 to the IT Infrastructure Management Forum (ITIMF). The articles of incorporation were agreed and incorporated in time for a November 1991 meeting. The first ITIMF Annual conference was the following year.

In 1993 the ITIMF changed its organizational structure from a loose club operation to one that has an Executive Commitee and Management Board.

In 1996 the itSMF Americas (later USA) was legally formed.

2nd April 1997 - YES 1997 - the ITIMF legally changed its name to itSMF UK......

Its unclear at what point the ITIMF actually started to publicly use itSMF - anyone offer a suggested date? Must be between 1991 and 1997...

Also - does anyone know when they first ran an (open and transparent) election for the Board?



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