Comments from the IT Skeptic blog, September 2007

This month we had several incidents of fairly upset people expressing negative views of me: one at the start of the month and one at the end, and another that suggest I need to "get a life". Sir, I'm trying to.

On the other hand we had some superb discussions going that I think contributed to the ITSM body of knowledge, and I hope were enjoyable and valuable for readers. On balance, a good month for comments on the blog. Here is my precis of the activity:

The debate over value networks continued unabated: excellent points on all sides and a fascinating read.

So too did the discussion and criticism of ITIL V3 Foundations courses and exams here and here and here (the last thread included the ugly issue of class sizes and the awful official feedback mechanism)

There was interesting discussion of how many processes are there in V3 and what constitutes a process that segued into the difference between Risk and Problem.

We had brisk debate over the makeup of the new itSMF International Board and the process of its election.

Sharon Taylor responded to a couple of comments, including the thorny question of exam result moderation (read; adjustment), as did Peter Brooks on the election topics. I welcome the views of the ITIL "establishment" to bring balance to the blog. I had to clarify that in one thread.

My assertion that itSMF members are in fact "shareholders" triggered a good discussion of itSMF's role.

We talked about how to get to version 3 in stages .

Sorry folks, but I dredged up the CMDB arguement again (which turned into a brisk debate of Service Catalogue). Nobody picked up on the irony of me accusing the vendors of beating the CMDB drum.

On a lighter note:
itsm_stephen has been digging into the back corners of the blog and commented on IBM's sale of TSD and how they tried to sell it's latest incarnation to him again!

mbuzina thinks that itSMF can teach ISACA one thing: how to attract publicity,

LiteHeaded was shattered to learn the IT Skeptic is real,

and John Worthington posted a nice poem about me that erased all the nastiness over the month. Thanks John!

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