The Queen of ITIL

A proposed question for the ITIL Expert exam:
Who of the following is the Queen of ITIL?
a) Queen Elizabeth the Second
b) Pippa Bass
c) Sharon Taylor
d) all of the above

Let me give you some background to help you answer.

ITIL is Crown Copyright. This means the copyright is property of the British Crown.

ITIL is a product of the UK Government's Office of Government Commerce. Pippa Bass was described, in a rare public appearance at the itSMFUK 2006 conference, as "the OGC responsible owner [of ITIL]". Ms Bass is Director of Knowledge Innovation, Standards and Skills at OGC. Or she was last time we heard: British government departments don't tell you who is in charge of anything. Talk to the hand, or rather the cold stone wall.

Sharon Taylor's current titles are:

  • ITIL Chief Architect appointed by OGC
  • ITIL Chief Examiner appointed by APMG
  • Board of Directors of itSMF International, elected
  • Chair of the Board of Directors of itSMF International, chosen by the Board
  • President (and Board) of the North American Institute of Certified Service Management Professionals
  • ITIL V3 author of The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle, in her role as Chief Architect

So what is your answer to the question?


The Kings/Queens new clothes

What ever the case, we know the story about the Kings new clothes. Very apt description of ITIL v3..

Brad Vaughan

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