The future of the IT Skeptic's blog

Gentle readers, have your say. This blog exists for you (otherwise I would just mutter to myself).

What works on this blog and what doesn't?
What ticks you off?
Where should the blog pay more attention?
What changes would you like to see?
What do you think?

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More in-depth ITIL

It would be nice to see more exploration into ITIL itself - what it is, what it does, how it works, and what the benefits are. In my case ITIL is still pretty much a 'buzzword' but I'd love to see some of the barriers of it broken down as I'm sure aspects of it would be beneficial in our organisation. Being a small IT team (of 1) there really isn't much time to attend training courses or read huge books on the subject which is why things like Wiki and Blogs come in handy. For example, your diagram 'Visualisation of how ITIL v3 transforms v2" was very useful and helps put things in better perspective - more of that perhaps? As for your other points, I particularly like the Help Category at the start of the keyword list and the recent comments list is also very handy.


skeptical analysis of the "dodgy" bits

Thanks for the useful feedback.

I'd like to spend more time on ITIL content rather than politics, and I can see light at the end of the tunnel, but there are reforms that need to happen and be seen through.

The emphasis will mostly be on skeptical analysis of the "dodgy" bits rather than overall clarification or explanation. if I get insights I'll pass them on but the Skeptic will focus on the questionable stuff.

I'd also like to branch out from ITIL to other topics, especially other governance topics.

Blog Contents

For my 2 cents worth I personally enjoy the opinion that Skeptic offers.

I have been involved in ITSM for years (got my Managers Certification when ITIL was version 1). I think the whole adapt and adopt approach is key to making ITIL work for any organisation and I appreciate the way that message keeps coming through with many of these posts.

I'm not really interested in the politics around the industry but I do find it makes amusing reading.

Bottom line - keep up the good work, I love it.

go on this way

I’m a late comer, just joined the itil community in the last week and I’m actually fully immerged in the matter, tring to asses the interest for my company to adopt ITIL. I would like to encourage go on this way (opinion opinion opinion!) I prefer to read a column where there is a clear “author’s point of view” so that eventually I can disagree with him than an article that sounds “objective” (so hey “here is the truth” no space for debate…) while it is almost impossible to be 100% objective.
So far I’ve found you contributions quite interesting and stimulating.

We are not idiots

"This blog exists for you"

Yeah right.

It exists to make you money, or you wouldn't have adverts all over the place.

I don't think ads affect my credibility

I'm sure you are not an idiot. You obviously aren't a regular reader either or you would have read Why the IT Skeptic site exists. Yes I'm experimenting with advertising revenue. So far I have made just over $100 from Adsense, $6 from Amazon, and $56 from merchandise. Total. Ever. The time I've spent on this blog would have made me over US$100,000 as an ITIL consultant. So I think I can safely say I'm not doing it for the money, but it would be nice if I was.

I'm providing a service for my readers. I'd like to think I can make a living doing that, but evidently not in a niche like ITSM Skepticism. If I was in it for the money I would go selling stolen IP on eBay, it looks more lucrative.

I don't think ads affect my credibility. What do other readers think?

Feedback on this blog

Hi Skeptic,

- A little too much opinion and not enough reporting of facts
- I find that I often get more information from other sources
- Need to broaden approach to all issues for ITSM professionals ie. more discusion on training and certification etc.

In short I guess it depends on how you want to pitch the blog, as purely opinion or more than that.


Miek Hughes.

aspects of IT that are debatable

Great input, thankyou!

The purpose of the blog is to debate aspects of IT that are debatable, particularly if they involve fuzzy thinking or are misleading.

In the early days the emphasis was on aspects of ITIL content. Lately it has been more around governance of the ITIL community. I'd love to move on to some newer focus but itSMF, APMG, TSO, OGC etc keep handing me such good material :-D

Certification and training as it pertains to ITIL are starting to gain prominence here and I'd like to look more at the broader questions for IT.

I'm intrigued by the comment about more information from other sources, since we've had a few "read it here first" but I guess this site does not attempt to be a repository of ITIL information. Wikipedia is doing a good job of that.

In the end, this blog is very much opinion, but I hope it will always be fact-based opinion. Call me out when it isn't.

And I hope it will be interesting and stimulating.

Thanks again for commenting!

More feedback please...

More about ITIL content and

More about ITIL content and less of the politics and gossip. No one cares about ITSMF

Actually I do care about the itSMF

Because if it goes wrong it's likely to drag ITIL down with it.

I will stand up and say that I like the itSMF and belong to the UK chapter, but every organisation needs fresh (skeptical?) eyes on to keep it sharp and on it's toes.

(You were ruefully [with a smile] mentioned in dispatches at the ITIL V3 launch in London in June... ;-) )

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