The IT Swami

The IT Swami is the IT Skeptic's alter-ego. While the IT Skeptic uses known facts to draw inference or predict outcome, the IT Swami is not so constrained. He uses instinct, second sight, crystals and patchouli to wildly speculate on the present and future.

DevOps offers hope for the future of IT

I was speaking with one of the leading thinkers in DevOps who had come back from the Gartner conference depressed by the lack of insight exhibited by those there who are supposedly the leaders of our industry, and contrasting it to the innovation and excitement of the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

The IT Swami predicts the Twenty-Teens

If Ray Kurzweil can build a world-wide following and a cushy job in the Googleplex based on a 50/50 hit rate and missing some of the biggest developments of the decade, I reckon the IT Swami should be in the running for a gig somewhere. Tweet this Here are his predictions for the coming years.

How prescient is Ray Kurzweil and how useful are his predictions?

Even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts. But Ray Kurzweil missed the Cloud, Facebook, Twitter, SaaS, phone apps, and Angry Birds.

More Future of IT Management

The IT SwamiIn which the IT Swami updates his vision of the future of ITSM and the IT Skeptic looks forward to upcoming conferences.

The future of IT management

We're having lots of great debate about a number of areas that are supposedly going to transform IT. The focus of this blog is IT management, so here are some thoughts on what is and isn't going to transform IT management, including some long-overdue predictions from the IT Swami!

IT in 2011

A forum post on LinkedIn asked us what will IT be like in 2011? I checked the police website and found the IT Swami was last seen in Hokitika, poaching paua (abalone) for the Chinese market. After a close shave while diving under the influence he appears to have seen the light on stripping our birthright to supply Asian greed through Kiwi greed. I finally found him building a gypsy house-truck that included a local area network, UPS and satellite link. I got up early enough in the morning to catch him sober (as he wasn't awake yet) and quickly recorded his predictions while he fumbled for his cigarettes:

How long will the IT recession last?

Newsflash for internet writers: The recession isn't over. It hasn't even really got going yet. Stop trying to talk the market back up. It doesn't work for real estate agents and it doesn't work for IT. Get real.

The IT Swami's Predictions for 2009 and ITSM in Recession

The IT SwamiThe IT SwamiLate last night as I worked at my computer, I looked up at a sound in the normally quiet cul de sac that houses Two Hills World Headquarters Tower. From the back door of a police car tumbled the IT Swami, closely followed by his swag, which appeared to have been hurled rather than just fell. The police car then drove off while he picked himself up and examined himself for broken bones, or perhaps it was just some exotic late-night yoga - he does subscribe to strange practices.

In a familiar routine, I raced downstairs to hide the good whisky and cognac before he got to the doorbell. I slipped the smaller ornaments into a cupboard and put the kettle on. I knew he would need a coffee to sober him up.

The future of IT is Governance, Service and Assurance: The Seventh Vision revised

Several readers of The IT Skeptic have asked where is the IT Swami and in particular where were his New Year's predictions for 2008? Now we can reveal all.

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