itSMF International launches new website

Recovering from the embarassment of their previous host withdrawing services, the itSMF International has launched their new website after a couple of months of a shaky temporary arrangement.The new website has a nice clean theme and is built using the mighty Drupal - the IT Skeptic's tool of choice.

There are a few rough edges still to be sorted out of course, such as a few of the fields on the user registration.

It seems to me that users defined to chapter websites should be able to sign on to itSMFI without re-registering.

And I look forward to all of the rich information resources of chapters such as itSMFUSA and itSMFUK appearing on this website for the benefit of the wider community.

To me the key feature is a new forum for the itSMF community. I've already congratulated the itSMFI for providing this long-overdue facility so I won't repeat it here - people might think I'm getting soft. It remains to be seen if the forum gets the sort of activity of say the ITIL Community Forum.

It also remains to be seen whether the moderators can keep the itSMFI forum discussion above some of the drivel on the other forums, which tends to be a mix of "I've just done the foundation and now I'm an expert and here's what I think", "Where can I get pirate books and exam materials?" and "My boss just told me to do ITIL. Help!"

All in all, a good start. Chris Roberts and the rest of the team will be kept busy growing the site to achieve its full potential as the central service channel for itSMF chapters and members to see some value for their money.



It's a nice look and feel to their new site as you say. Like you, I am very pleased to see the forum added to the site; long overdue - imho - for an organisation that actually is a Forum (lol).

even more insanely complex

Welcome Will

I must warn you your blog's uncritical promotion of the concept of CMDB, and its even more insanely complex descendant the CMS, will lead to some debate between us in future ;-D The web is awash with sites and blogs touting the ITIL party line. Get skeptical man!

Hey Mr Skeptic

Thanks for visiting the Blog. You may have noticed I have a permanent link to your site there - that's because I do like your style! In fact, yours was the first thing I read online about V3 that actually made any sense. I also use your V2 - V3 slide in my workshops (with credit).

Anyway, thanks again for a great site - I'll be keeping an eye on you (lol)!

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