Service Strategy

Supplier strategy & policy undefined in ITIL V3 Service Strategy

Service Design p 162 requires a Supplier Strategy & Policy from Service Strategy. Service Strategy does not mention anything with regard to this. The glossary does not define any of these two terms.

Again a cross book omission. Great, I just wanted to write a few things on the Supplier Strategy and now I am out of references (ISO 20000 does not help here, CobiT neither). OK, again I will use my common sense.

ITSCM not in the strategy book

ITSCM has a strategy dimension but it is not discussed in the strategy book

SS p238 Glossary: Cost Model

In the definition for ‘Cost Unit’, ‘(Financial Management)’ was changed to ‘(Service Strategy)’

SS p114 Figure 5.8

In lower left-hand box, middle section, change ‘MTTR’ to ‘MTRS’ twice

SS P201 Figure 9.5

SS P201 Figure 9.5
The two arrows within the large oval, one next to the circle ‘Customer assets’ and the other next to the circle ‘Service assets’ have had their directions reversed, so that the first one points upwards (in an anti-clockwise direction), and the second one points downwards (in an anti-clockwise direction).

Source ISEB

Retired Services shown inside Service Catalogue

Retired Services are wrongly placed inside Service Catalogue at Figure 4.11 of the ITIL v3 core book Service Strategy.
The Service Porfolio contains mutually exclusive (but related; they're correspond to consecutive status of the service lifecycle) the Service Pipeline, Service Catalogue and Retired Services.

Service Catalogue should be ending at the right limit of the big Service Operation circle.

This error was noticed after a post by Dmitry:

Business Relationship Management is 'missing'

ITIL V3 was supposed to provide better support for ISO/IEC 20000, yet it would appear that "Business Relationship Management" has been almost forgotten in the guidance.

The Service Strategy book does briefly refer to the concept of "Business Relationship Management" and it has also been listed as a Process/Function in the V3 glossary, yet it has not been formally or properly covered. Did the Strategy authors forget about this one...?

SS P86 Incorrect reference to Table 4.6

In section 4.4.2, page 86 there is a reference to Table 5.3. I think it should be "table 4.6". That is the closest table that also makes sense in the context of the reference. Seems like an editing error.

SS P58 Logical error

(I picked this up from the OGC Change Control Log. I am sure OGC won't mind because we're doing the community a favor).

"In section on page 58 there is a serious logical error because the words "do not" are missing in the sixth sentence beginning with "Service providers try to meet ...". This sentence should be corrected as "Service providers do not try to meet ...". Without this correction readers will be very confused with what appears to be a contradiction." Service Unit Example & Picture 3.11 do not fit together

Text speaks about service Y shared by business units A,B,C (C does not use service Y in the picture), service Z to be provided to business unit D (D does not exist in the picture).

Additionally I guess nobody needs this kind of low-level explanation who is reading a book on strategy. I have seen better explanations of value chain / network than this.

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